Whatever Happened To Our Lookalikes Thread?



Dermo ( aka Actionman) ready for Sunday .


Colm Boyle and David Beckham having a good old :cry:


Ricey and Game of thrones star.


Two dirty , underhanded swine’s !


He looks like something you’d scrape off the boardwalk…the hack of him (see what I did there :wink:)



Is that your man Ed Power again? Scrawny little shite isn’t he?




Ah jayus , ET :no_mouth:




one is an ancient representative of an undeveloped world occupied and oppressed by its rich neighbours who vow to never free them.

the other is g’kar in Babylon 5.


Niall Scully!

James McCarthy!


Diarmuid Connolly


Eric Lowndes

Well they had most of the hill fooled Sunday :grin:


There was a lot more than the Hill standing to welcome Eric on.


correct, and if you are at the top of B a player looks like a blue dot coming on, the only thing you get to guess from is the hair. I knew he was 20 but as everyone else around me was saying it was him i assumed they were right lol




Robbie Rotten



In fairness not one of them on the Hill wasn’t standing …


Someone said to me earlier in week that announcer in HQ said Connolly instead of Eric. Any truth?


That was implied.


For the day that’s in it.

Joe Canning

Jeremy Renner