This is absolutely beautiful



Just give the little bollix a bowler hat and a sash.


That’s wonderful.

Don’t know if this is correct thread …but had lovely walk up in santry park this afternoon .Absolutely beautiful park and would readily recommend it for anyone passing by.Maybe if someone could start a thread for nice walks etc…does me the world of good.

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Walk up to hellfire club and when you get to top the view of our magnificent, wonderful county is amazing

Tibradden a little bit over to the right has even better views.


That’s astonishing. The bullfinch is now my favourite bird… After Naomi Campbell

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Really nice, but here, especailly in the Gypsy community singing competitions are very popular, but they capture wild finches, in general gold finches and then keep them in tiny cages,

Saw scarier than that everytime the ex took her annual bath. Never went out with a Nortsider again.

■■■■■■■ birds. Feckin’ sleep-stopping noisy gits.

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Can she not sleep in the spare room ?

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But that’s where the missus is!


Forward pass no?

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Brilliant. On a more dark and morose level, there’s some seriously informative and alarming links to this piece: