World Cup 2018 - Qualification


You’d forget how slow and boring soccer is after not watching it for a few months. Leading 1-0 but under pressure.


Why do we always sit back when we’re a goal up?


Shocking altogether , its tortuous watching this team . Reminds me of the Dubs way back .


Then we go 1-2 and we’re all over them. Crazy. 2-2 now- back in our shell so.

Their keeper is more like a zoo keeper.


Hard to comprehend.

Harder again is that yerman is the best keeper in Serbia.


They are uncomfortable when in a leading position , always the case .


Daryl Murphy only 68 behind Robbie Keane now.

Is that Dunphy on the panel or a parody of Dunphy … who cares. Clueless.


Brady is right. We’re smash and grab merchants.


Wes, Wes, Wes, Wes …


That was dreadful.


Not knowing a lot about the game, what’s our chance tonight? The team has injuries galore i believe, will it be worth watching? Or should I watch another re-run of last Saturday??


Very hard to watch soccer after the game last weekend. But I’m nothing if not a patriot, as I’ve said before, if Ireland were playing tiddlywinks, I’d support them!!!

Am I alone watching this tonight?


Just spotted the Green Hulk , he gets around !


Was thinking the same thing. Christ soccer is dull. We’re getting bossed. Hoping for a flukey long ball/set piece goal as always.


They could easily be 2 up


Panel said it at half time, we did enough in Euros, now FAI think we’re world beaters.


I don’t listen to a panel when Dunphy is on it… He’s almost become a spitting image parody of himself.


I’ve switched to Extreme Crankworx World Tour on Sky Sports, basically going down big hills on x-bike… Brilliant




Coleman Henry!