World Cup 2018 - Qualification


Wes & McGeady coming on


Had to do something, need a few even slightly attacking players. Seems to be wall to wall defensive midfielders.


You’re getting two different incidents confused now. But anyway, told you this game would be 0-0!


The McLean miss in the first half was a brilliant chance - it was a brilliant move and a sublime chance to go two nil up - a 2014 connolly chance

The pundits won’t talk about it but we’ll regret that in this sport - I’d give us no chance now


Abandon all hope. Mcgeady on


CAN we have the ball please


McClean’s was a half chance no more from a very tight angle. No sense to McGeady substitution - not least because he is poor but because McClean will not last 75


Anybody got a working link?


Apparently Arter was poor ,didn’t notice him myself .Hendrick has disappeared


Mcgeady trying to cross the ball ffs


Well done Christie , more of that


One and one with the keeper - agreed it was tight but defining moment as I said way up the thread when he missed

Defining moments


He never seems interested .


We have one sub left - Long - which will totally unbalance a totally unbalanced team as it is.


He was nearly on the end line - the angle gave him nothing to shoot at. Game over






THats that.


Our shape is non-existent thanks to the ridiculous changes. The truth hurts.


Goodnight and god bless

Can’t stand off players like Eriksen.