World Cup 2018 - Qualification


Two top goals from Erickson , Randolph could do nothing about that .


Could still go to penalties. Stone-wall penalties!


The only consolidation is that both the indo and Off the Ball just lost loads of business next summer


Unless they want to like the Dubs again


Isn’t it better to get over the embarrassment tonight than to have it shown all over the world in June. We have no business in a WC. More likely to see a fourth for the Danes now than anything …




A shambles …


Ward is like Bambi on ice there. So bad


Tactics a shambles tonight and the amount of individual mistakes has been schoolboy level stuff.


The early goal seemed to force the game early and discipline defensively was poor before the first goal and fell apart subsequently


The personal aren’t great either - we can’t blame it solely on tactics

I think no amount of Denis o brien money will help here


Stephen Ward has absolutely no business making thousands of pounds a week playing football…


Embarrassment, O’Neill cracked with his tactics tonight, should have stuck to what worked but the whingers got their wish and the inevitable resulted.


Best fans in the world have started going home


What do you be watching - seriously? Just what?


The tactics that worked were to suit the personnel


Aye, aye, calm down, calm down. Watching the same as Maxi evidently, did you read his/her post or just mine? Just what did you read?


I need a drink


He played the exact same tactics tonight and we went 2-1 down.


No but his subs and changes didn’t make sense at all tonight.