World Cup 2018 - Qualification


They may as well have their mickeys out now by bringing on Bendtner.


Yeh tactics to blame for Christies inability to clear an easy ball off the line, tactics also to blame for Ward shitting himself and losing the ball costing us a goal, O’Neill also specifically told Clark not to close down Eriksonn for the 3rd goal, Stephen Ward was also instructed by O’Neill not to properly clear the ball for the 4th. How can you blame O’Neill for three horrendous individual errors and downright lazy defending for another?


Why did he Leif Erikson on …


The early goal pushed us on.

RTE website live commentary said “That’s just mean”, after the Danes’ fourth goal. I mean, seriously, have they got 10yo girls doing it?


Errors all over the gaff , Erickson though was brilliant tbf .


Don’t agree the early goal pushed us on. The lack of quality and substandard nature of many of our players was finally and cruelly exposed tonight.


4 for Eriksen …


The ignonamity of Bendter finishing the job


The errors occurred because we didn’t come out and play with the structure and discipline that we had before. Due to that our limited players did what any would do, and panicked, and made big mistakes. I don’t know if it was MON’s fault at all but he did prepare the team and sent them out and they didn’t produce a performance. Maybe we lacked leaders. Hard to fathom though how we could be so solid in the away game and not at home. How we could hold Germany scoreless a couple of years ago but play like that tonight. Several individuals making bad mistakes and playing very poorly cannot be just blamed on the individuals themselves.


Pity the home leg wasn’t first …


Was mcclean played as a striker in the first half? We looked to get the ball quick on the breaks down the channels for him in the first half


Oh well. Roll on the walsh cup.


Worse thing about this( apart from the score ) is you take Eriksen out of that team & they’re no better than Wales .


Can’t disagree with that. Ah ■■■■ it who wanted to be in Russia anyway, it’s a kip. And weeks of watching numptie B-list celebrities and brutal commentators and analysts being wheeled out. Instead we can watch Sweden Vs Denmark, Vikings the Sequel. Get that Kathryn Winnick out for the entertainment.


It’s a consolation that our brutal brand of anti-football won’ be on show next summer too.


Before or after the Joe Allen injury, wales were bossing us till he went off.


Agree, we’s have stank the place out.


Can’t wait for Dunphy … tears I reckon. Mind you I was right all along! :+1:


About what ?the subs ?


The only way we’ll qualify for a WC is if we get Andorra, San Marino, Leichenstein, Gibraltar and Scotland In our group … even then it would only be on goal difference