World Cup 2018 - Qualification


McClean in tatters & all his haters will be loving it…

Dunphy nearly in tears himself .




Not a fan of his particularlybut feel for him watching that.




Dunphy sticking the boot in now .


What a suprise…


He has said nothing wrong yet …


Anyone have any opinions on substituting our captain for the night .Thought that was odd .


Nope far from it.

I’m a fan of O’Neill but he was poor tonight and his subs didn’t make sense.

When it went level we needed someone to slow it down and kill the momentum,
We didn’t need to try chase the game then but we don’t have that sort of player.


If McClean was playing up front then my granny was centre half.

Didi thinks Christie played well …


So he wasn’t playing up front?


Honestly this result doesn’t bother me. We weren’t near good enough to go to a World Cup and at least this way we will be spared all that cringe inducing best fans in the world nonsense from our media.


Well that’s probably the end of Wes now . We have serious issues that need to be addressed .
I wasn’t a big fan of Duffy but he has had his moments this campaign . Never been sold on Clarke .
Christie , na .Ward was just awful tonight , a bad day at the office .
We badly missed Coleman , not saying he would have prevented this but he is the one player with a bit of quality in that team & real leader .
Don’t know what to make of Hendrick after tonight .
Brady was poor too .
Not sure what people will think of this but we haven’t replaced Robbie Keane .I don’t rate any of our forwards .
I’m not putting any blame for any of those goals on Randolph , I think he’s had a good campaign .
There’s just too many personnel that need shifted out of that team .
What do we have coming through . O Dowda , Hourihane ??
I think McGuire now has to be given a run out to give him experience , I nearly rate him above Long & Murphy but of course he’s crocked now with an injury .

Feel for Mon & Keane after giving us some great moments at the Euros but if they had any sense they’d walk away from that mess now .


He was all over the shop!

Lads are right - half time changes were absolutely crazy. They tore the physical (and probably mental) heart out of the team. There was no need for that drastic surgery. 2-1 down at 70/75 and we still would have had some hope. McGeady was a real headless change - making no sense whatsoever and totally unbalancing things.

O’Neill got things horribly wrong. And John gave him an extension …


Tony O’Donaghue laying it on thick with Mon , he’s getting his pay back here .


Hasn’t the balls to ask anything straight out


This is not pretty …
Train crash TV .
Whoa , he’ll not be talking to him again in the future .


A storm off :joy:


He was right - O’Donoghue is an arse. Sneaky questions as usual …


Keane would have destroyed TOD there ,would have knocked him out :rofl: