World Cup 2018 - Qualification


Eriksen is such a laid back mofo :joy:


Eriksen is a class act. His speed off the mark for his third goal and the finish were superb. His first goal too was sheer class - what a finish. Second wasn’t shabby either. Great hat trick.


Not convinced tactics had much to do with it. Denmark should of scored before Ireland when it was all direct and when we attempted to get the ball down we were filleted. The only thing you may say is MoN changed it too soon and the direct ball may of yielded another goal. It was a lesson tonight, and a cruel one at that.


Agree he shits himself every time he interviews o neill . We were a f**kin shambles . O neill has had a good run now , him and his corkness should piss off now.


Just got a shiny new contract


What is with giving them new contracts mid campaign .Didn’t Trap get one as well when we qualified for 2012 ?


Never learn.


Let’s look at the tabloid headlines

Great Danes Savage Ireland

Carlsberg don’t do play-off second legs … clearly

Irish get Danish Pastrying

Unchristian Eriksen …


Ireland unable to Copenahagen, Danes win Hanz down in fantasy football story.
Irish lego house falls apart


Anything to the 70/30 possession split the other day? We worked awful hard for the first 20 minutes tonight as well? Possibly tiredness lead to some of the very poor performances?


Irish play like Bjellends.
Danes Kvist the knife.
Ah… Sisto!


Not sure id evaluate performances after the 2nd goal. Heads dropped and discipline went. It happens. 2nd goal in such a big game was very poor.


Agreed, but some of the mistakes before that looked a bit jaded? Or was it just our luck running out. Let’s face it the Wales win was a smash and grab.


Like night & day . I blame the Aviva …sorry , Lansdowne Road .
Never seen so many individual errors in one game .Lack of composure .


Any nun with a puncture in Moscow next Summer is just gonna have to change the damn wheel herself …


Hard habit to break!


It’s hard to know if it was fatigue but they passed it through our lines at such ease it was difficult to watch. Ireland tried to play a bit further up without commiting to it and chased shadows all night as a result. It was a lesson in many ways and it looked like a thumping from early on. Decision to play Murphy just didn’t work.


We didn’t seem to bring the intensity of Copenhagen. Maybe we relaxed a little too much on the goal and then their two came so close together it must’ve knocked the stuffing out of guys. But being brutally frank we should have been 0-2 at best coming into that game. We have a really ordinary bunch of players who constantly punch above their weight through work rate, heart and physicality and dour defensive systems. But there is no even top 10 PL squad player there - excluding the injured captain obviously.


If Christie clears that ball off the line who knows what would have happened. I don’t think Ward would have taken that chance on the ball or we’d have been so light in defense from it had we still been 1-0 up.

Serious questions have to be asked of MON though. The substitutions at half time absolutely stank of desperation. In his interview he justified having to keep Murphy on in case we managed to get the ball into the box, and how Wes & McGeady were brought in because he hoped they could muster something up. We were already losing the midfield battle so he decides to take off our two most energetic, defensive and combative midfielders for two light weight attacking players. It was so illogical.

I don’t think the contracts have been signed yet? O’Brien should be ripping them up if he still has the chance. Let’s not fool ourselves. The Danes are very mediocre. On paper Eriksen aside we’re very similar to them in terms of talent.

We need a change. Somebody to bring us back to our glory years. There’s only one man for the job…Big Sam :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


AH yea, i’m Aware the players are limited, bringing on long (or some people arguing we should have started him) when we need three goals and he has not scored in 29 matches. Hmmm yea, short on attacking options.