World Cup 2018 - Qualification


The assist guy ontheir left wing was good, the rest of them comfortable enough on the ball I thought, without being anything special. comfortably better technically then our lot.


Yeah but on grass we were a million miles behind. Every one of their players was technically proficient and comfortable on the ball.

It’s this kind of head in the sand comment that builds the ridiculous and constant expectation about a group of very ordinary players who have really no business being at major championship finals


The lack of a couple of good young midfield players stands out but the managers system can and has worked. But it can’t cope with errors that caused the first two goals so its limitation is its inflexible. The max Ireland could have won was prob 2-1 but I don’t believe any tactical set up or current individuals could have turned the same scoreline around. Ireland were never scoring 3, just don’t have the players.

Issue here is this may ebb away and Ireland will prob qualify for the next euros given the way it’s structured and all will be good again. But bar scouting a couple of promising young English lads with irish grannies any fix to what’s really wrong is 20 years away if the underage systems get their act together.


Georgia were technically far superior to us. Does that mean they’re a better side too? We’re not blessed with a great group of players but we have a similar talent pool to that Denmark team, Eriksen aside. That’s a fact. They’d lads out there tonight playing with Copenhagen, Brentford, failed Cardiff City strikers, Rosenborg etc.

Whether we’d have anymore success results wise is debatable but we’d look a very different team under the right manager. Not so long ago England were thought to be sniffing around Arter and McCarthy was being heavily linked with United. You see them playing for Ireland and they look like totally different players to their club form.


You have seen some of the lesser teams who have qualified ? If only we were as good as Panama …


We were played off the park over the three hours. Stuffed 5-1 at home! Should have lost 2 or 3 nil last Saturday. It is not a fact that we have similar talent pools. They are far superior to us and to suggestion otherwise is simply delusional.


The Danish players are mostly at ordinary enough clubs like our own players. One difference is that their squad play in England, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Holland, Sweden, Germany, Norway, France and even Denmark. All ours are in England. Is that the reason we are lacking in technical skills compared to Denmark ? Very few Irish players have played in continental leagues apart from Brady and a few others over the years.


Or maybe , they’re just not very good .


I think they have more players at a better technical level than us. They benefit from having players at European clubs with a different ethos to english championship clubs.


Its this type of response that would make you sick, because he was bang on & Mon didn’t twig it


We played a diamond midfield. It was 4 carrots …


So because we were outplayed over the two legs that means that they have a far superior talent pool to us? By that logic you believe Georgia have far better players too?

They’re a mediocre team just like us. They won’t get out of their group in the WC.

If you think MON has done a decent job over these two legs and that it was just simply a case of them having far better players than us then you’re the one that’s dillussional.


We can argue all we want about Christian erikkison ( no argument from me mind you) and the danish players respective club careers. But they fuckin hammered us 5-1 . Do we have any world class players no. Are we that bad no. Time for a long term plan to actually produce lads who can play the game.


[quote=“Wasonthehill83, post:1074, topic:1032, full:true”]. Time for a long term plan to actually produce lads who can play the game.

It’s already been done. We know them as the All- Ireland Champions. Dublin.
Them lads can play football.


As an out and out GAA man I’m not upset. Our media now have no excuse to over hype a piss poor team of overpaid so-called footballers and their management as if they were the greatest sporting team ever to represent this country.
Young boys won’t have soccer held up as being the best and only sport for them to play and be faced with loads of free publicity for schoolboy soccer team recruiters all over Ireland. Best of all we won’t spend next summer looking at TV, press and billboard ads of Irish soccer players with their false smiles as they fill their pockets trying to flog various items that their PR agents get them contracts to sell.
From a GAA point of view in Dublin the Dubs are the top show in town and we need that to continue our dominance in Irish sport and as the best teams in our sports.


I dunno, watching that Ireland team is a great advertisement for the GAA. :yum:


What a disaster that was.

McClean did play as a striker last night for most of the first half. I couldnt believe it. It left Christie totally exposed. The ground McClean had to cover just to shadow the Danes breaking down the right was just too much.

The Danish players were far better than us individually, it wasnt all tactical. Anyone in the Aviva could see it

There is no excuse for Christie not clearing that first one off the line, none. a bleeding calamity on such a stage. Ward bottled it. Brady was as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike, to think he was at United at one point. The only one I feel sorry for is McClean, he gave the campaign everything. Randolph too.


Duffy as well.


Hey listen totally Frank, anyone tries that sort of shit on an Othodox nun, they’re gonna get their sad condescending arses handed to them.


What are you on? Talent pool?? They have a far far superior team to us - end of. Georgia didn’t humiliate us so don’t be making up things on my behalf - I do that well enough myself. The Danes are not mediocre - that’s either sour grapes or someone who knows nothing about the game.

As for thinking O’Neill did a good job?? Now I know you’re having a laugh. He is very limited in what he can do with the paucity of talent available to him but his selection, tactics and substitutions were absolutely terrible.