World Cup 2018 - Qualification


Spot on. Our slavish devotion to all things Eng/Prem league over the last 50 years has come home to roost because the standards there have fallen away and we don’t produce the same caliber of player as we used to. Meanwhile millions spent on international managers, on Delaney & Co, and League of Ireland clubs mostly dysfunctional paupers.

We have a small pool relatively and need to streamline it. Lads need to stop going for the British option, and think more broadly about how to fit in and get best development.


There is no point in 12 year olds aspiring to be as good as our players when many are already better.

The standard in the top two Divisions in England has never been higher. The problem is that the need for survival at the top as well as instant success in the big clubs means homegrown talent is rarely nurtured or given a chance - it is bought in. But recently England are producing a few talented players who are breaking through but it is now almost impossible for a young Irish or Scottish, Welsh lad etc.


Can anyone explain Iceland’s (pop 330,000) ‘talent pool’?


I think that one off teams or generation of teams can happen for small countries but over an extended period of time, Iceland will fall away. If they are still getting to world cups and euros in 10 years time, then it is a different reason and far harder to explain


A glitch in the matrix.


It’s not even like all off a sudden they have produced 10 Messis either. They are ordinary - mostly playing in lower leagues and Divisions. But they are organised and comfortable on the ball - and technically proficient.


Just as well we weren’t playing against the Swedes. Some of the Irish lads clearly didn’t turn up.


But they don’t have a far far superior team to us. If you look at their results over the last couple of campaigns, market value of the players available to them versus ours, clubs that their players play for, odds from the bookies for the two games etc. it tells a different story. They’re very much an average team with one exceptional player so yes, they’re better than us on paper but not by a whole lot. You’re banging on about them as if they’re world beaters and we should never have had any expectations of progressing against them. Let’s wait and see how they get on at the WC and then we’ll see just how good they are. Under the right management we could have come through that playoff rather than being humiliated.


Remind me, please? What does John Delaney earn again as FAI Chief Executive?
It’s his performance and record that makes you think how lucky Dublin GAA is to have John Costelloe and previously, the GAA itself was to have Liam Mulvihill.


I never said they’d win anything - just that they are far far better than us. The proof is in the two games. They humiliated us 5-1 at home - I would’ve thought that was proof that they were a hugely better team than us. They will bring a lot more to Russia than we would - other than our great fans.

And again I never said we should have no hope of progressing against them. Debate please but stop bringing up things I never said.


Found this article from 2014 says he earns 360k per year.


Pumpkin it into the box doesn’t work at International level anymore.


The biggest winner from last night was Jim McGuinness. He’s a step closer to becoming Ireland manager after that result!


Sorry, it seems I need to quote your every last word to debate this with you. The two games doesn’t prove that they have a “far far superior team to us”. You have already agreed that MON’s “selection, tactics and substitutions were absolutely terrible”. That is the reason why we lost so comprehensively over the two legs. On paper we should have been very competitive against them and in with a real chance of progressing rather than being totally outclassed.


Was thinking the exact same thing!!

It is nearly 40 years since we first qualified for a major tournament and we have gone hugely backwards since. Granted the situation with the English league has changed utterly and is no longer the outlet for our best young talent that it once was. But that makes the League of Ireland even more important. But Delaney and friends look down their noses at the League. At underage we have plenty of good young lads who can compete with the best. It all falls apart when they get to 16/17. Millions has come into the FAI but there are no structures, no plan and no will to work to improve the domestic game. There is no linkage between the LoI and the FAI - only friction. It seems the ‘top brass’ don’t get it. No vision.


Sorry - but they absolutely do and if you think any different there is no point in any further discussion. On paper has nothing to do with it - deal with fact, what happened, what you saw. We were outclassed from start to finish in both games …


No you don’t Judy - just don’t keep attributing things to me that I didn’t say. Simple enough.


The other thing that I bet hasn’t been taken into any sort of serious consideration by the FAI is the Aviva Stadium. I know it’s a long way off in the lives of anyone currently around but the FAI are 7 years into a 60 year lease agreement on the re-development of Lansdowne Road/Aviva Stadium. When that lease expires, the stadium will revert back into 100% ownership and management by the IRFU. If the current executive of the FAI is reflective of what will be there in 40-50 years time, I can guarantee that NOTHING will have been done about the FAI getting its own stadium.


Tactically they were superior to us.

They had a game plan in both games and executed it well. Had we been a better drilled and more organised team we could have won that tie. We were clueless over both legs.

Even their manager saying they anticipated that O’Neill would set up in a diamond formation so they worked on that basis and had a plan for Eriksen to occupy the extra space. Nothing genius about it, tactically they were just far superior.


An old well knownBLE (Irish Athletics) official called Billy Morton (Morton Stadium!) when speaking about the FAI Officials maybe 50 years ago said that when the Officers of the various Irish sports bodies met together he would always know the people from the FAI because they were the ones wearing the bycycle clips.
Nothing has changed. They are still living in the past!