World Cup 2018 - Qualification


So any team that is well beaten means that the other side are a far far superior team? You’re starting to sound as illogical as MON now. Nobody is disagreeing that we were outclassed.

“On paper” actually has everything to do with what we’re debating here rather than what happened over the two legs. We should have been very competitive and in with a real chance of progressing but weren’t.


When were you born? In the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and early 80s British sides had great success in Europe. The decline set in then and despite the odd blip (a great ManU team, Liverpool with a freakish win, and Chelski with their billions) it has continued. The football is different but not better. The clubs lack substance. The best eras for British soccer coincided with Ireland’s greatest run of talent. The best coaches in the game are all non-British and non-Irish really, Michael O’Neill a possible rare exception but unproven with talented superstars. Yet some of the best coaches in the world will not win the Champions League with British clubs.
The standard below the top 5 clubs is poor and the Championship is brutal though entertaining.


Could so with some honest, down to earth bicycle clip people leading the FAI right now.


They don’t need a stadium - it would be a bigger waste of money than Delaney’s salary.


The football is immeasurably better now - by a distance. Clubs lacking substance has nothing to do with it. Once the floodgates opened in European football - first Scandinavian, then South American, African and so on then the British clubs advantage of having the pick of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales was over.


Yes - most of the time this would be the case. When it happens over two full matches I think it is a fair assessment.

Sorry for sounding illogical with my daft suggestion that a team that embarrassed us twice on the pitch including a 5-1 thumping were a far superior outfit.


When I think back to the Era of St Jack I often wonder what might have been. We sold ourselves so short, being desperate for any sniff of success. If we had real ambition and any self confidence we would have planned for the future with a talented coach. But such was our inferiority complex and inability to think beyond short-term bandwagon intoxication we sowed the seeds for the waste of a generation and no future crop prepared.


The football might look nicer (top clubs) but the teams of the past were clearly better.


Accepted, but they are oblivious to the fact that they were bailed out by government grants, the IRFU and the GAA. At what point will they say to themselves “We need to speak with the IRFU again”?


No Al - couldn’t agree there at all at all. Granted it is a very different game with far less physicality but to me it is far superior than years gone by.


You can’t on the one hand say that O’Neill’s “selection, tactics and substitutions were absolutely terrible” but then ignore that to make a point that the 5-1 defeat proves that they have far far better players than ours.

I’ll bow out now. I stand by my opinion that Eriksen aside we aren’t too dissimilar to the Danes in terms of player quality. It’s not sour grapes at all that I view them as a mediocre team we’ll agree to disagree. We can revisit it again during the WC…


As I said, nicer to watch but not good enough to beat the best in Europe, unlike in the past. Players like Brady, Stapleton, McGrath, Whelan, Highway, Giles, RKeane, and a couple of others were world class. As were quite a few of the English, Scottish and a couple of Welsh. Now, hardly any, and even with all the influx of big money players these top clubs can’t win much in Europe.


No problem - just because it’s my opinion doesn’t mean I am right either!

But how they do in the World Cup won’t prove anything about how they compare to us one way or the other.


I would be curious as to how the FAI can generate enough money to pay Delaney’s staggering salary yet they need a hand me down from Denis O Brien to pay for the management team. I would rather them spend some money on the grass roots of the game than paying over the odds further up the scale. But is suppose that’s the Irish way


The game is completely different than that time - light years. You cannot realistically compare the eras. Huge money and massive movement of players are probably the key changes but as people here have often pointed out there have been huge social impacts such as the game moving from the working classes and what kids do with their time these days.


True but it may show us whether they’re a mediocre side or not.


The whole thing needs a root and branch review. The FAI and League of Ireland should be working in absolute tandem and with a shared vision and goal. Instead they are constantly at loggerheads with a massive gulf between the grassroots of the game and those that control it. There are simply no structures at all. Look at the organisation and cohesion of the GAA (notwithstanding the club-county issue) compared to soccer in this country.


They’ll come up against better opposition than us you’d imagine . Erickson was fantastic last night .He will not be afforded that same amount of space in the WC . It won’t be rocket science on what tactics & formation are needed to stifle or negate him . As much as their manager took the piss last night he also revealed what exactly not to do to let him run riot like he did last night .


Danes first goal Ireland unlucky, just the bounce back off the post onto his knee, no chance to react.
Second goal a great finish. Third one or fourth, where the defender made a haimes, he was a bit unlucky, awkward bounce.


It’s all a matter of opinion but I wouldn’t call it unlucky. There was so many defensive mistakes immediately before it that to say it’s unlucky. We got outnumbered 2 to 1 for a short corner… Arter then gets nutmegged and the ball eventually makes its way all the way across the face of the goal for the Danish guy to slot it home (unmarked) … if you wanted to be really harsh then you’d argue Christie has to do better…

Anyway, doesn’t really matter now…