World Cup 2018 - Qualification


Only one man for the Ireland job



We weren’t … :joy::joy::joy:


I know, but that’s my point. Outside of the traditional areas, top level football is very isolated. Does anyone from the outlying areas of Westmeath go to Antoine town games? Same with Longford. I know they tried it with Thurles but nobody from outside the town was interested.

It’s hard to know how to get over that.


Isn’t st micheals a huge soccer club down there ??


This may sound terrible ,but how is he even still alive ???


Maradona with Roddy Collins as assistant?


Yeah baby now that would be entertaining. Let’s get a campaign going. Imagine Michael D lining up to shake his hand.


Castro got him to come to Cuba for treatment did nt he.


… more like.


You could argue he was in the right place, intercepting the ball. It was just a combination of bounce and wrong footwork after that, the ball came to him awkwardly and at that moment he was backing up so hence the awkward balance/footwork.


That was embarassing, and it’s been on the cards for a while.

O’Neill found out big time, this isn’t Scottish football.


Agreed and his constant moaning at his team mates passes is really irritating.He never stoped at brady. At one stage arter played a ball to where mcclean should have been and wasnt cause he didnt bother running then he turned and started mouthing at arter.I can understand ronaldo doing it but James f****n mcclean.I used to respect him for his poppy stance and attitude on pitch but after watching him in aviva last night pure diva.


Watched the Peruvians beat the Kiwis tonight. Deserved winners. You could see what it meant at full time.
Manic. First time in 36 yrs if I’m not mistaken. Chumpitaz was the main man then. Bualadh bos. I’d say there’ll be a savage number of pregnancies in Peru during Russia 2018. Now, I could be wrong…


This is the welcome the Kiwis got


The seedings for the 2018 World Cup have been announced and they follow the most recent FIFA rankings. The lowest ranked country will be Russia who, as hosts, will also be a top seed. Crazy stuff.


YOure right into the junior v LOI issue then.

The main issue is that soccer just isn’t part of the schools programme at primary school level here, and the GAA clubs conspire to hold blitzes and leagues just as the soccer season starts having done nothing all summer. That’s their prerogative of course ( and we are a GAA supporters site after all)

There is also the lack of street football, but that is a Europe wide thing really. One of the things dunphy was right about. To see that kids can’t play football in the square where John Giles grew up and where they have a plaque up for him says it all.


There’s a reason they’re the lowest ranked though, for the last two years they haven’t played a competitive match. The host country is nearly always going to end up as one of the lowest ranked.


With respect, that last line is b*****.
Russia are ranked that low more because they are pi$$ poor right now. They drew one game and lost two in their group at Euro 2016. They didn’t get out of their group in the 2014 WC.
Germany were ranked 15 in the world in October 2005. Brazil were ranked 13 in October 2013. Both far from one of the lowest ranked countries.
South Africa were ranked 82 in the world in October 2009 because they were crap back then, just as Russia are now. It’s nonsense that the host nation automatically gets a top seeding.


Fair enough, I wasn’t even close to being right, god only knows where I got that little nugget of knowledge from… :joy:


The Russians hacked your posts.