World Cup 2018 - Qualification



Youve started an awful precedent here !


Should get this guy in. Hed tear Dunphy to shreds :grin:


Jaysus :grimacing:


Portugal and Spain drawn in the same group. Will be the opening game of Group B :clap:


England got a very, VERY handy draw Belgium Tunisia and Panama.


Jammy fucks. Would expect the Belgians to top the group though


That Belgium England game is gonna be a cracker


Chris waddle said if England finish 2nd in the group they ll probably play Poland and that should be easy for England. Do the thick fucks never learn . Iceland Chris Iceland. Can see the headlines now , England beaten by a canal.


I dont think its right geography dictates the easy passage to the WC for some teams. Granted, its the World Cup by definition and as such teams from whatever region who win their group earns their place. But all runners up should be pooled in the same bucket and drawn at random for play offs imo.


Southgate Suez for Defamation?

Couldnt Be Tun-easier? Nice And Tunisia


If England dont beat Panama Ill eat my Fedora.


England FAILini after Belgian game?


Panama isthmus win game for England


I see what you did there. I you you can Al
(@5AliveOh) too.


The best punning duel I ever saw was Groucho Vs Chico in a scene from Animal Crackers or Duck Soup (cant remember which, where are you Rufus?) where Groucho is interrogating Chico about something. Ive read before that it was ad-libbed, and considering it was a major movie production it was really sharp.



Italia 90 was certainly iconic and the penalty shootout immortalised but the last 10 minutes of the 2011 Final take some beating IMO. No way our country cousins would be voting that way though!


2011 was the best game/ event I ever attended, absolutely amazing. Great night it was after . Italia 90 was great too in a different way . I suppose we just relate to the dubs better , we may know some of them , we like them and we know they ll always be dubs. Professional soccer players , Irish ones anyhow , have left these shores at a young age , play for clubs I dont care for but a big Ireland game is still something I look forward too . From a nations view it had to be italia 90 , but for us 2011 is special.


Cant compare an event of several weeks that was a national festival with one game. Taken as an overall, the last few years following Dublin footballers, and at times the hurlers too, beats Italia 90 for me, partly because the team Ive been following has actually won lots! 89-95 was a very exciting era too, the Meath games in 91 were a comparable drama to Italy. I was too young to really appreciate the 70s, Im sure those who werent loved it in a way that will never be repeated because it was something utterly new. 83 was an incredible year personally, the first time I got to go to every championship game and the greatest roller-coaster ride to ultimate victory I think Dublin fans have ever had.


Were you on the hill in 83?