World Cup 2018 - Qualification


Oh yes. I’ve still got the back-aches to prove it!


We’re still shite then


I’d love to see the viewing figures. I was watching an 8th repeat of a Grand Designs epsiode …


oh? which one?


Inverted roof shaped like a ship hull. Danger was a flood and a disaster … just like Paris.


Never saw the outcome of that one, was it a success in the end?


Kevin waxed lyrical about it for minutes at the end.


Well I heard we lost 2-0 …


Not a bad performance tonight. Certainly better than Monday. We actually managed to hold onto the ball and make passes.

Another great game from Rice team needs to be built around him. Burke promising but probably (unfortunately) needs to move back to England to help him kick on. O’Dowda another who played well.

McClean fucking awful again he’s passionate no doubt about that but his past couple of performances leave a lot to be desired. Playing in a tough league like the Championship might do him some good.


Trump will be fcuking raging we beat them. I expect the Paddy’s Day parade will be cancelled next year. Some dude from Meath became the first bloke from the county to play senior … unlike the XV they put out last week …


McClean is brutal. His crossing and passing abysmal and he was nt even under pressure at times. O neill can be perverse with selections at times. Matt Doherty a great season with a good wolves team hardly got a look in yet Derrick Williams playing a level below does. The USA have lots of young players at big European clubs we on the other hand continue to think Liverpool and utd will start playing Irish players again at some point.


Relegation to the Championship might be good for McClean if he can make himself a regular for WBA. Something he unsurprisingly failed to do for the last two seasons.


Sports person of the year. :roll_eyes:


And he s loved by the fans , cause he hammers into the opposition. Amazed he has not caused a serious injury to someone.


Impossible to cause injury in the jessie game . . . Because you fall over before any tackle is made,usually holding your face,to try and get a player sent off.


That one on the Polish player that time. Shocking tackle. Though their centre half returned the favour on Long I think


I’m not really or ever was much of a fan of McLean but back in the day there was never a bad word said about Roy Keane’s (amongst many other Irish players’) hard physical tackling etc when playing for the international team.