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A film has been made about this ‘fake’ footballer.

So I propose one on Cian O’Neil titled newbridge or bust the story of gaa’s fakest manager


About time somone pointed this out



Seems legit…



Well the prosecutor has handed in his dictamen in the case against the Catalan leaders in which he asks for sentences ranging from a 30K fine and 18 months in prison to 30 years in prison. The leaders that are currently in prison are facing sentences of between 16 years and 30 years. I would hope that the evidence they have is a good bit stronger than some of the stuff in the dictamen, for example in reference to the charges of embezzlement he says I kid you not “At the moment we have no idea how much public money was used to finance the referendum, but it is evident that all these activities could not be free as there is a need to contract third parties, to create web site domains, servers that provide enough space for the traffic, website design, the creation of apps, making sure the system is stable. They would have to have used public money”
it is widely known that a large number of Catalan buisness people stuck their hands in their pockets to finance things, it is also well known that the general public made donations were very generous and also the Spanish minister for finace at the time, who had taken control of the Catalan finances, has stated publicly that no public money went missing.
I mean how can you charge someone with embezzlement and then openly admit that you don’t even know how much money if any at all was taken? The problem is every knows here that the verdict has already been decided.



Well this says it all really. Apartheid is alive and well in Israel.


Tensions running high here this week and there is a fear of an outbreak of violence on Friday when the Spanish cabinet hold a meeting in the centre of Barcleona.
Not really clear why they have decided to meet here, but many feel it is an act of provocation, others see it as a gesture towards Catalonia, one thing is clear though when a Goverment has to call on 10,000 police officers in order to hold a cabinet meeting they clearly have a serious problem in their hands.