Your Favourite Folk Song

  1. Parting glass
  2. Raglan road
  3. Dublin in the rare auld times


Actually an honourable mention to when you were sweet sixteen as well!

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I like most of the songs mentioned here but English folk music can be great too. Particularly Fairport Convention when Sandy Denny was around - Who knows where the Time Goes and Crazy Man Michael are beautiful songs.

Frank Harte has an amazing collection of auld Dublin songs that would have been lost to us, such as:

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Frank’s brown bread, isn’t he?
(cue the joke - “I hope so, they buried him!”).

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POC bread I think they call it these days

Yes, Frank joined the big choir in the sky, a few years back!

He was a very engaging character. Had the pleasure of meeting him many, many times.

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Yes it is Scottish. There’s loads of versions.
One of the strangest is by 70’s rock band Mountain - it forms part of a song called Nantucket Sleighride. I was listening to it for years without realising that the instrumental break was actually Parting Glass until I read it somewhere.

  1. Green fields of France
  2. Scorn not his Simplicity
  3. Streets of New York
  1. Raglan Road
  2. Carrickfergus (Van Morrison & The Chieftans version)
  3. Toss up between Easy and Slow or Rare Aul Times, depending on sobriety levels & whether or not a Dubs game is involved.

Honourable Mench.

The Stolen Child
The Foggy Dew
Across The Rio Grande
Scorn not His Simplicity

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How so Beeko? Where was he from? Inchicore no?

Hard to beat Richard Thompson’s Bee’s wing and then there’s the Carthy’s and McColl

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Yup, I’d say it’s a ballad that’s fast-slowly becoming a folksong.

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I forgot Róisín Dubh and My Lagan Love

I don’t know where he was from but I worked in Bolton St for a while. He lectured there in Architecture for many years.

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No sweat Christy…

This is Clifford T. Ward, and this recording is from a song contest in Castlebar in 1983, a few years later he was diagnosed with MS in November 2001 he contracted pneumonia and died in Tenbury Community Hospital a few weeks later on 18 December 2001.

He had a hit with a song called “Gaye” but never went on the concert circuit to support his songs or albums so never really hit the big time. He always appeared to be a troubled soul and in this song you can see him actually thinking of the words he is singing and perhaps about his relationship.


Raglan Road
The Contender or Katie can’t decide which Jimmy MacCarthy one I prefer .
The Dutchman

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