1937 plan of Croke Park

I saw this old plan of Croke Park from 1937 on Twitter.

So the romantic notion of the hill being built of the rubble of the uprising isn’t true no? Kind of always knew that, but when asked I always recount this version :blush:

So is the other account true? That the hill was originally nicknamed Hill 60 after the Dublin Fusiliers that died in Gallipoli 1915? And was known as Hill 60 throughout the 20s and 30s?

So was this Hill 60 the left half of the the Cusack Stand?

And was that half of the Cusack eventually renamed Hill 16? And when was that - 1936/37?

And when was the Railway End renamed Hill 16?

So would this picture have the Railway End to the left and Hill 16/60 to the right?

I think it was unofficially called Hill 16 for a good while before the name was changed.

I’ve no idea. But If that photo is face on at midfield, it might be Hill 60 on the left, and the ‘embankment’ on the right?

This photo shows the ‘short stand’, ‘Hogan stand’ and ‘long stand’. (all on the left of this photo)

Basically what is now the current Hogan Stand.

Pity there isn’t a photo from that angle taken before the Cusack stand was built.

I’m guessing this must be Hill 60 on the left, and the embankment on the right?

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Looks like it!

Very fashionable umpires as well

What jersey had/has a shamrock? A club presumably

That photo is Ireland v USA , Tailteann Games 1924 according to this :


The stand in the Belvedere Rugby ground looks tiny in comparison to the Cusack Stand. Brings back memories of turning around at halftime in a football or hurling game to watch a rugby game in the pitch behind the Cusack.

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I can remember doing the same thing.
Oh when we were young…
Paying into the Cusack(Under 14 Gate even though we were all 16/17) for the Semi Final against Cork and sitting where you liked. First up best dressed.

Were the yanks wristy hurlers or manufactured ones?

Depends where their grannies came from…

Any photos of a big game in Clonturk Park?

Is that the ground across the road from Tolka Park? One of the early All Irelands was held there.


Never knew Clonturk Park hosted All Irelands. Seems a bit wee. Especially when it was 21 a side back then.

Presume it extended to where there are now houses, which I think are 1920s or 30s build, though could be 40s or 50s?

According to wikipedia, the 1890-1892 football and hurling and 1894 hurling All Ireland Finals were played in Clonturk Park.