1977 Dublin Kerry Recording

Does anybody know where I could find a recording of the Dublin Kerry 1977 semi-final. Or any other full recordings of a single Dublin Kerry game from the seventies. Need it for research on a book I’m just tying up. Thanks.

I have a full version of both the 1976 final and the 1977 semi final at home that I could upload to my Dropbox for you. Just send me a PM with your email address and I’ll see if I can sort it for you.

Fair play. That’s be great. I’d actually take both if you have them. stevo2380@hotmail.com

Can I also have? My mail is hill16isdublinonly@gmail.com

Can’t see how I can PM. Is it cos I’m new or just technologically from another time?

Click on the user name of the person you want to PM. Then click on the blue box that says Message.
If you don’t see it, you need up your post rate. Dunno if the site has that restriction or not.

Ye. No blue box. I figured you might have to earn trustability. If you could do me a favour could you PM the email address I put stevo2380@hotmail.com to the the original responder? In case he doesn’t check here again.

Don’t worry @steveyblue, I’ve seen your messages. Will get you sorted :slight_smile:

I have also emailed you an excellent offer from a Nigerian friend of mine, a prince. You just need to put €3k in a bank account for a day or two …

Great. Much appreciated.

Just as well payday is Friday so :grin:

No sign of those games or a Nigerian prince! I’m sure the Nigerian prince will keep his word. Those games though! Any sign of them? It’s all I have left to do with that book of mine.

I sent you an e-mail with a link to the folder over a week ago so don’t be casting aspersions on my goodwill to upload them for you in the first place :neutral_face:

I’ve added the folder back so have a look for a mail from me which shares the link…

Not casting aspersions at all. Was joking about the prince thing. Much appreciated that you’re going out of your way to help. But I’ve just looked again and there’s nothing there. E-mails have mysteriously disappeared on me before if you get a chance to send it again. Thanks

@steveyblue eh my bad, had used the wrong e-mail address for you.

You may call me the Nigerian prince…

Fair play. There she is. Much appreciated. Incidentally, did you just happen to have them or do you have an archive? Contemplating writing book a book about Dublin’s lean years from 1996 to 2010 next. If I thought I could access to most of the games they were knocked out in I’d do it for sure

Nope, I have most Dublin league/championship games from 2009 onwards.

Aside from that, I have 74/76 finals, 77 semi final and final, 83 semi final/replay and final, 95 final on top of that

I’d take the hand off you for some of those. I’ll get back in touch with you regarding some of those when I get around to that project. Much appreciated again.

[quote=“steveyblue, post:18, topic:929, full:true”]
I’d take the hand off you for some of those. I’ll get back in touch with you regarding some of those when I get around to that project. Much appreciated again.
[/quote]Easiest (for me) and quickest way to get a load of games off me is give me a USB key & I can transfer them from external hard drives.

Listen if you’re making that offer I’ll take you up on it. Then I have the stuff whenever I want it. My number’s 086 8760941 if you wanna call or text and I can drop in anywhere and meet you