2 week shutdown

Realistically how many if any clubs will abide by the call of no training in tbe next 2 weeks?
I hope they all do as this is a serious matter but I cant see it. I think too many will see it as a chance to gain the edge on opponents.

I pray im wrong

Any club who doesn’t should be named and shamed.

Never mind that you’re not insured.

And any parent who allows a child out to train…


I can guarantee my club will abide , lads aren’t permitted to the Gym even , however I’d be stunned if every club follows suit

You are. Nobody will break that rule. No club exec would allow it.

Get an edge for what? There will be no club games in April.

Its club month non stop championship fare

You genuinely think this virus is going to respect club month?

Im asking will clubs respect the closure

Assuming it restarts on March 29 isntbhurling and football champ due from 1st week in April?

it’ could be longer

a lot of places have been told to WFH till after easter … that usually happens because somebody knows something

they are obviously expecting this to escalate

Inclusive of 29th, so earliest possible restart would be Monday 30th

It is definitely going to escalate, they are saying that. They are just trying to delay the escalation.


It definitely will sooner or escalator.

This is going to take months to slow down and hopefully stop, not weeks. Just my opinions of course but experts are saying it over and over.

I passed the Lincoln Inn. Fcukin jammed. Load of young lads in the window. I get the impression young people aren’t taking it too seriously on the basis that a) young people are in general invincible, and b) young people will recover from COVID-19.

[its not personal Witty]

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the snowflake generation - their sense of civil duty doesn’t extend beyond their jockstrap


Funny enough, we’re busy tonight and not a young lad in sight

I rest my case. Thank you.


when the hooray henry’s from cheltenham return …


Would you give over :joy::joy: over a hundred people in the bar tonight and not a single one is under the age of 30 I’d say

you won’t bet though after last week I assume? :wink: