2000 to 2020. Your five most significant moments/occurrences

And Penneys jeans.

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The cad!

Dubs wise:

  1. 2011 All Ireland Final (of course, can never be topped)
  2. 2011 Semi v Donegal (awful perhaps for neutrals but terrifying and ultimately brilliant for a Dublin fan)
  3. 2013 Semi v Kerry (best game I’ve ever been at)
  4. 2013 Leinster Hurling Final win (watched from the Hill which felt like being in an oven on a memorable July day)
  5. 2013-2019 Mayo…all the games run into a blur in my mind but they were all enthralling

Global/National Events :
Trumps Election 2016
Marriage Referendum 2015
Covid and all the change we’ve experienced this year

Cork winning Sam in 2010.
All Dublin/Mayo games in the last ten years, brilliant for a neutral.
Dublin doing the 5 in a row.
Leinster/Munster football finals being played on the centenary weekend of Bloody Sunday.
The Cork ladies run from 2005 to 2016.
Honourable mention for Mark Keanes goal.

Semi Final weekend and Munster championship 2018.
Callanans 9 points from play in 16 All Ireland final.
The 2013 finals
Pat Horgan’s 3-10 in last years AI QF
Cork winning Liam in 04/05

Other sport:
Robbie Brady’s goal vs Italy in 2016
Johnny Sextons drop kick vs France
United winning the champions league is 2008
All of United’s league wins since 2000
Thierry Henry’s handball :cry:

Other random stuff that stick out
The Queens visit to Ireland in 2011
The euro replacing the punt
O’Garas drop kick in 2008
Legalisation of abortion in Ireland
Sinking of the Costa Concordia
Malaysian Airlines flight 370 that went missing
Paris Attacks 2015
Manchester bombing at Ariana Grande concert
Liam Millers charity game


So do the Kerry games it seems , 2013 semi final you mean @Snowcat

A senior moment.

Did Cork win it or did Kerry not win it…??

World events:

  1. 9/11 - In school when news broke. Terrible day, unbelievable act of terrorism and the death and misery as a result is depressing.

  2. The current Covid 19 crisis - nuf said…fcuk this shit.

  3. Hurricane Katrina

  4. The financial crash…I actually was on the dole myself for only a few weeks…the queue in my town stretched all the way round the block…it was surreal.

  5. Election of Trump and Brexit a tie for me…I woke up to both by looking at my phone in bed…both were WTF moments.

Sport in no particular order:

  1. Istanbul 2005 - I’m biased but there will never be another final like it…never in our lifetime anyway.

  2. Watching Liverpool beat Barca 4-0 at Anfield in a bar in New York drinking vodka and red bull at 3pm in the afternoon…pure magic.

  3. Following Mayo the past decade has been a rollercoaster…some great epic days and of course plenty of final heartbreak but sure we will keep at it…

  4. Ireland winning the grand slam v Wales with that O’Gara drop goal.

  5. Ireland v England in Croke Park. I’m admittedly not a huge rugby fan but I remember watching this game in a packed pub and EVERYONE stood up and sang the national anthem everyone stood up.

Oh yes and Liverpool winning the league at long last , how could I forget :grinning:


Loads of recency bias in the Other Sport/Soccer stuff lads…
Robbie Keane’s goal v Germany in 2002 is hard topped. I happened to watch it in an Irish Bar in Ios, Greece (stil up from the night before)…was still doing conga lines and up on bars at 2pm (I had to be in work in said bar at 5…)…ahhh the good old days

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I woke up the next morning with my ear pierced, still no idea how it happened.

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Maxi’s goal.
Nolan’s point.
Berno’s point.
Donaghy’s point.

In that order.


I love that game. Absolutely love it. Will never forget being on the hill that day and trying to believe what was unfolding before my eyes. Never witnessed a game like it. Throw in the red card and the euphoria at the end.


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Yeah you’re spot on with this. Noticed it myself when doing my own ones. Majority of my choices, especially GAA more recent. I’m as guilty as anyone on that!!

I think the whole country was supporting Dublin in the 2nd half that day when they saw what Donegal were at…anti football.

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What about the events that DIDN’T come to pass?
Colm Cooper’s speech after the 2011 final? I can imagine the condescending nature of it. “Hard luck Dublin, ye were marvellous. Ye really put us to the pin of our collar. I’ve no doubt indeed that ye will be back again.”
At least the last bit would have been right.

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Over the last decade or so, I for one am sick and tired of that embarrassing, bitter, has-been, Steve Cluxton, still popping up in the papers every few months to moan about how his football career ended abruptly after getting sent off against Armagh in '03.

No Stevie, you weren’t “scapegoated”. You were just crap.

Was he in the news once with that other “has been”, Jason McAteer?

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I actually enjoyed that game as it was so novel and intriguing. Okay…don’t want to see it every day, but as a one-off it was hard to take your eyes away from the tv.

The weird thing is that whilst Tyrone and Donegal can kick dung out of each other…afterwards I like to see them do well regardless of the opposition.

@upthedall, I’m assuming you’d still want Antrim to win in a game against Tyrone, yeah?
Given where you’re from, would hurling be your first love (wife and kids aside)?

Y’know growing up I never kicked a ball.

It would’ve been hurling. The older brother would’ve been good, and the cousin was in the county panel. I wasn’t skilful at all. If anything handball was my fav sport at school…or the one I was best at.

I only got into football when I lived here…over 25 yrs. And that was through my girlfriend (now wife), her ones, friends & finally the kids. A big social thing as well.

Someone once said to me you get into what your kids are into. Whether it’s karate, swimming etc. And I can see that myself.

I was at the Tyrone v Antrim Ulster final in ‘09 and I was getting a slagging from Tyrone friends as I’ve still my accent. It felt weird - but I wanted Tyrone to win as I’ve been here all my adult life and the family were all in red and white.

So i guess the kids county loyalties come first.