2017 Club Roll Of Honour

I will just put in the ones I know of. Feel free to add in from U16 down. Be nice to see who is making progress at all ages. Good to see Wild Geese and Good Counsel on the list

Senior A Championship- Cuala
Senior B Championship- Raheny
Intermediate Championship- Thomas Davis
Junior A Championship- Erins Isle
Junior B Championship- St Maurs
Junior C Championship- Cuala
Junior D Championship- Trinity Gaels
Junior E Championship- St Joeys
U21 A Championship- Na Fianna
U21 B Championship- Whitehall
U21 C Championship- St Sylvesters
Minor A Championship- Na Fianna
Minor B Championship- St Oliver Plunketts
Minor C Championship- Castleknock
Minor D Championship- St Peregrines
AHL 1- Ballyboden
AHL 2- Faughs
AHL 3- Erins Isle
AHL 4-Fingallians
AHL 5- St Marks
AHL 6- Cuala
AHL 7- Craobh Chiaran
AHL 8- Na Gaeil Oga
AHL 9- Commercials
MHL 1- Ballyboden
MHL 2- Whitehall
MHL 3- Clontarf
MHL 4- Good Counsel
MHL 5- Wild Geese


U16A - Crokes
U15A - Castleknock

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Cuala’s third team achieved the Double-Double as they won AHL7 and Junior D in 2016 and this year won AHL6 and Junior C this year. Strong signals across the board from Cuala hurling at present.

They should be split in two so…


They r already split in 2, dun laoire & rathdown.


Na Fianna - Club of the year

U21A Football & Hurling
Minor A Football & Hurling


Huge achievement

Add in inter football championship as well

Junior F Championship - Whitehall, I believe.

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I did not know the hurling went to Junior F

Spoken like a true aristocrat. :wink:


I now want to play in it

Both Clontarf adult hurling teams were promoted in the league. Next year the club will field three adult hurling teams- AHL 3, 6 and 9.

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Clontarf hoping to become the Northside Cuala - yaw?

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A bit harsh 09

I don’t see why the Northside goys can’t aspire to be at least as good as the Southside goys loike.

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Na Fianna won the Junior F

I wasn’t 100% sure. Thanks for the correction, it was a Whitehall vs Na Fianna final.

Cheers, Fianna scored a last second goal, so if you left early… :slight_smile:

There is a good spread of clubs winning various competitions. Cuala, Na Fianna, and Boden appear to be the only ones on the list who have won competitions at different age groups/levels.