2017 GAA championship draw

Draw on tonight , can we look forward to a few away days outside the pale ???

Are we predetermined to be away or is it just the way draw comes out ?

Think it depends who we draw .If it’s Meath or Kildare you would think croker, BUT they could play it down in tullamore if they wanted .TBH the most exciting part of the draw will be finding out where we will play matches in Leinster.

What time is it at ?

With a capacity of only 17000 is it too much to hope for a first round match against M*ath in Pairc Tailteann?

You couldn’t play a Dublin Club Final in Pairc Tailteann …

Just curious if anyone knows the reasoning behind having this draw so far ahead of time?
Could it not be carried out just before the league kicks off?

Give us plenty of notice to book our hotels ? Kilkenny was all booked out last year :hushed:

All our games in Leinster should be out of Croker.


Ostensibly it’s mostly to allow counties to schedule their Club Championships next year around known dates of Intercounty matches.

Agree. Be nice to play in the Nell as well.

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Id be delighted if we get an away draw again, maybe even two (can’t remember how the draw is organised) and see the Leinster council wailing about the drop in funds next year to those counties who sent any spare all Ireland tickets west this year. Karma is a bitch.


I understand that but it just seems like it’s real early to be tuning into championship 2017 two weeks after this year has finished. Granted there is a lot of planning and organising off the back of the fixtures but it just seems a bit early to be listening to it all again so soon.

Imagine the ticket scramble if they put us in the Nell…

I wonder was the lack of a full house in Nowlan Park down to Bank Holiday weekend, Laois apathy or some other reason?

I heard about 12,000 Dubs arrived down in Killarney … the predictive text in their Satnavs - allied to their general lack of geographical nous - doing for them …

Whole empty sections between full sections of dub support - Laois stayed away in droves. Not that that they packed out their own ground the round before, mind you.

Also bank holiday weekend would have had a factor.

Is there any realistic chance of an away game next year? Haven’t heard a peep about it.

Don’t see why not , Kildare away would be cracking , just to wind the absolute ■■■■ out of MacKenna .

Cat laughs drove up cost of staying in kikkenny and there was no accommodation

He never mentions the free ham they get, doesn’t suit his narrative.

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