2017 Master Fixture List

Does anyone know when the master fixtures list for next year will be available?

Likely mid to late January.


Nope not yet

Out today


Lads when does the list off fixtures come out anyone know of who plays who ?

look at last years fixtures and reverse the venues. Your first game this season will be the opposite to the first game from 2016 and so on. You should be able to draw up your own fixture schedule from the master fixture list. Substiture the team who won the league below for the team automatically relegated and the team who was promoted via the play-off for the team who was relegated via the play-off.


Gradings for 2017


This has to be wrong

Peregrinnes are listed in AHL 2 and Barrog in AHL 3

Should be the other way around

Just heard that’s a typo to be corrected tomorrow

How are Bray in Div 3?

Few strange ones alright. Barróg unbeaten in Div 3 and Bray beaten in Div 4 playoff final. Unless both didn’t want to go up, doubt it but…

Didn’t read this part…

The grading for 2017 Adult Hurling Championships, Adult Hurling Leagues, Adult Hurling Cups and Minor Hurling Leagues are attached. These gradings are final and no communication, verbal or written, will be entered into by CCC regarding any grading.

Can you just ask to be promoted now?

I see Faughs have no minor team entered either. Be unusual for them. Presume thats a mistake too

Jaysus Dean Kelly will run riot in Division 8 :joy::joy:

Trinity gaels in div 8???. What are they like,?. Aside from Dean Kelly. Surely they should be a lot higher??

Their only regrouping after folding 2 years ago. They’ll win Div 8 handy enough id imagine.

No communications…is this from the SS?..are CCC not suppose to be there to promote Gaelic games in cooperation with the clubs?

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I see chamo quarter finals seem to have been brought forward to mid July, compared to Mid August every other year? Are these fixtures confirmed as per the master list? Seems a bit early to be playing quarter finals really.

Anyone know when the fixtures are released? As in groups, opposition, venues etc