2017 Master Fixture List

Hi lads, just wondering if anyone knows when the master fixture list is coming out…

Don’t knock it better earlier than later. Nothing worse then playing champo finals in October/November!

All for that.Wish they finished leagues earlier aswell

Well it was more to do with the fact that the semi finals haven’t changed and are still late August and league calendar is still the same.

So basically, you will have the large majority of teams out of championship by mid July and nothing left to train for except the league,which will still run until late September or October regardless. Going to be very hard to keep players interested once gone from championship.

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Look at the Leinster Club Championship dates. The championship has to be played off in time to allow us have a team in Leinster

I see the football fixtures are up. Any links to the hurling fixtures?

There up on the dublin offical website

Is there a link? Can’t locate.

http://www.dublingaa.ie/competitions/fixtures/115566 (Div 1)

http://www.dublingaa.ie/competitions/fixtures/115567 (Div 2)

http://www.dublingaa.ie/competitions/fixtures/115568 (Div 3)

http://www.dublingaa.ie/competitions/fixtures/115569 (Div 4)

http://www.dublingaa.ie/competitions/fixtures/115580 (Div 5)

http://www.dublingaa.ie/competitions/fixtures/115601 (Div 6)

http://www.dublingaa.ie/competitions/fixtures/115608 (Div 7)

http://www.dublingaa.ie/competitions/fixtures/115619 (Div 8)


Hey Ger, any news on the same for 2018 yet mate?

As far as I know the CCC are still confirming gradings. Once that is done we will see fixtures. It was a week or two info February last year when they came out.

Cheers. I see the move is FINALLY ON. Been training on the all weather at the train line. Suoer set up.

Finally indeed. Hopefully by middle to the end of 2020 we will have moved.

The all weather pitch is fantastic, some setup indeed. As it is shared with us, the soccer club and the community it is hard to get slots on it.

Still great to have and its not like you need the whole pitch, a third is big enough for any squad really