2018 All Ireland Ladies Senior Football Final : Dublin vs Cork

Let the Mick Bohan vs Ephie Fitzgerald mind games begin!

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Both were involved Clare football backroom team under Colm Collins at different stages. Fitzgerald trained team in 2014 and was replaced by Bohan in 2015.

Clash of the titans

Dublin owe the Cork ladies one… fingers cross they do it. Hopefully an even bigger attendance this year than last year.

Standard improving every year… LGFA have done fantastic work and Lidl also deserve plenty of recognition


Suspect this is the final this team would have wanted really, chance to get a crack at the old rivals. Dublin were brilliant in the first half yesterday but totally switched off when well ahead and allowed galway right back into it, we’ve switched off against cork in a similar situation in the final and got burnt. will need a 70 min performance.

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Just edited the title. Senor Football Final had a very Spanish ring to it!


Looking forward to this , we go to almost all the Dublin Ladies games, kind of have a foot in the camp. They really need to beat Cork after their recent history it would be very satisfying.


When they play at pace they are a serious looking outfit and have options all over the place. However when they played a more patient game they struggled to create proper scoring opportunities and getting the ball to the right shooters in space.
The workrate they have is very impressive at tracking back so will give little away easy so hopefully should come out on top after a great battle.

Oops… thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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That Cork side is phenomenal by all standards. To do it year in, year out over 10 years. Superb

Fingers crossed the girls in blue get over the line. Look forward to going

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And male.

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Hope the Dublin County board change time and/or dates of the Men’s football championship on 16th September to allow players go to the game.

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Doubt it will happen

Not a hope Id imagine. Totally different organisations so they are more interested in getting their own schedules finished on time. Huge pity as it will be a cracker of a game

Seems Wooly is having a pop off Mick Bohan in regards to comments that the A v B games have been the most competitive they’ve had all year . I’m sure there’s a misquote in there somewhere.

are you a glutton for punishment? that moany little bollocks would piss and moan about anythin. Miserable fooker. Far too much moaning about sport on all these podcasts, people trying to seem clever bu just sounding like miserable bitter shitebags.

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Can’t win with that wally chap. He just attention seeking again!

they are already selling the upper tiers for the match on sunday. Looks like it will be a decent crowd

Usually get about 45k when Dublin are in it IIRC

Was 46 odd last year, doesn’t seem to be same push this year or maybe they are trying a last minute one to encourage the walk ups