2018 All Ireland Series, Super 8 Group 1

Kerry - Munster champions
Galway - Connacht Champions

How do people see this group panning out?
1st Round Kerry v Galway and Monaghan v Kildare - Croke Park
2nd Round Kildare v Galway and Monaghan v Kerry
3rd Round Kerry v Kildare and Galway v Monaghan

The first round of matches are crucial. If Mon beat Kildare they’re more than capable of getting a result against Kerry in Clones. If Kerry slip up against Galway (big if I know) they could be in real trouble.

Toughest game out of the way for both Kerry & Galway . Looking forward to seeing this .
Can see Galway doing damage against that Kerry defence.

Wouldn’t surprise me if Kerry didn’t make it out of that group. If you ignore the media hysteria they’re actually very average from goalkeeper to midfield. Could see both Galway and Monaghan beating them.

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Really doubt that, they’ll outscore both teams while conceding a lot would be my guess.

Yeah that’s the most likely scenario but I’m just saying it wouldn’t be a massive a shock for me anyway if they tanked. Galway and Monaghan will rattle them. I don’t think they’re ready for the big boys yet. What I saw in the league game against us was a Kerry side who for 25 30 mins really went for it. Went for it in the physical stakes too. And then Dublin just upped it and showed me how behind Kerry are physically and how poor they are at the back. I don’t think 4 months is anywhere near enough to address them issues

So what yer saying then is that there is a chance Kerry ‘wont’ be coming for us? Phew. I’ll sleep tonight!

Though on a serious note I can see them loosing one of their games and and I can see Monaghan doing the damage.

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No sleep walking into a semi final anymore so that’s a plus. Kerry v Galway will be interesting. I wouldn’t fancy going to Clones needing a win.

Thing with Galway is , they aren’t an unknown entity now . They have some good forwards , but whether they can deliver when it’s needed will be seen shortly .

Galway usually tank at this time of year

Until they don’t I’ll be sceptical despite their very good year so far - I just don’t trust them


Monaghan always fill their trousers when playing Kerry

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Can’t disagree with most posters that Galway and Monaghan have been in the potential category without ever have done it at business end of season.

That said if kerry slip up against Galway they have to go away to monaghan to get a result. All those young lads would have to produce the goods.

But to predict I’ll go Kerry, Galway, Monaghan and Kildare in that order.

The possibility of Monaghan running out of steam with smaller panel doesn’t help Kildare as by the last game Kerry will wipe them out.

Monaghan beat Kerry in Clones in the league this year.

They haven’t met in championship for 10 years and Monaghan won the league game 3 of the last 4 years

I don’t think Monaghan ever beat Kerry in the C’ship. Even when they had real good sides they couldn’t do it. If I recall they were favs in recent years but got well beaten.

Monaghan will have to take on Kerry man-to-man to win but I can’t see Malachy O’Rourke letting them do that.

What? Why? How?

When? Where? Who?

What do you mean Monaghan will have to take on Kerry man to man to win? Is it just a cliche?

Fancy Kildare to loose all their games which will leave the 3 others to fight for the two spots. I think Galway will beat Kerry. The Joker in the pack is Monaghan but after their performance against Fermanagh would worry about them.

There not gonna beat them putting 12 behind the ball and a sweeper and all that defensive hogwash. Kerry’s forwards are to skilled.