2018 All Ireland Series, Super 8 Group 2

Dublin - Leinster champions
Donegal - Ulster Champions

How do people see this group panning out?
1st Round Dublin v Donegal & Tyrone v Roscommon - Croke Park
2nd Round Tyrone v Dublin & Roscommon v Donegal
3rd Round Dublin v Roscommon & Donegal v Tyrone

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We can use this thread to discuss the games not involving ourselves.


I’d love to see Roscommon and Dublin both win their first two matches if only to hear the whinging from Donegal when they’re home match becomes a dead rubber.


Any word on Bernard these days ?
Not sure what Donegal were trying during the week , only conclusion was to try & unsettle our preparations . Certainly makes things a little easier without having to worry about McBrearty.
Not that it’s a forgone result.

Donegal we’re looking for plaudits from the ilk of OTB

Honestly, I can see no other reason for their bolloxology!


One guy I did notice who caused us trouble in the league game was Jamie Brennan , he was a handful & will have to be watched .

Anyone know if Tyrone match is the Saturday or Sunday?

In a word, no. Can’t understand why they haven’t released the dates and times for all Super 8 fixtures from the get go

Roscommon game confirmed for Croker according going by the official Dublin FB page

Does anyone know when they will confirm the dates?? Surely they could let fans know. It’s an absolute joke that they weren’t confirmed first thing this morning, how can anyone make travel arrangements, work etc. I believe AHL1-4 round of fixtures will be moved to sun morning if the Tyrone match goes ahead on the sat.

Probably the easier of the two groups. Dublin and Donegal to come through. Would be great to se Roscommon cause an upset.

Had to laugh at Dick Clerkins preview of the Super 8s. Among the little titbits from the bould Dick are that Kerry have the most natural & skillful footballers of all 8 teams. Good man Dick with that one!

He has Dublin to win AI beating Kerry in the final. The flaw however he calls out for Dublin is our aggression! And in particular the over the top aggression of Philly, Jonny, John Small and wait for it…the mad fella who just loves to fight, abuse & bully other players, Jack McCaffrey! Jeez Dick you’re putting yourself out there with that one :upside_down_face:

The date of the tyrone game will be decided by Sky and they will prob wait till ext weekends games are done.

“Jack McCaffrey play close to the edge,”

That’s got to be a mistake


Typical GAA … don’t give a crap about the fans, they know we’ll spend money to support the teams… and what about the players, they have private lives as well. At times the GAA almost make the FAI look professional

The horn is truly back on for the kingdom. Even billy the goat reared his ugly head this week.

You were doing so well… Until that line!


Ah now come on.

The fai have improved a lot since they gave 250,000 th George the Greek for tickets that never materialized…

2 out of ourselves, Donegal and Tyrone to go forward. Don’t want to be 2pts behind both of the northern teams going into last game otherwise they could draw and go through. Means we have to win one of the 1st 2 games. I honestly can’t see Rossies getting a point in the group.

What are the rules in the event of two or more teams finishing level on points,

Head to Head against each other but if match was drawn then Goals Scored if still level after that a playoff between the two teams. (If three are tied I have no idea)

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