2018 All Ireland SFC Final; Dublin v Tyrone, Sunday 2nd September, Croke Park, 3:30pm

He will be in the running but I suspect they will give it to Gough.

Based on what we have seen from the team so far, what would be your starting 15 be?

Dublin will win this easy enough. Tyrone have no Plan B. Six points minimum.

I had fears going into the Galway game that we would get some of our players carded due to Comers style of play but we seemed to have managed that pretty well.

Hope we can do the same against the diving squad in the Final. Any half decent Ref will sort themout.

I thought Coldrick let an amazing amount of Tyrone skullduggery go unpunished in Omagh. I was amazed Dublin held their discipline.
Without the threat of missing important games due to suspension, Dublin might throw a few slaps back this time.
Could be a right dust-up if Coldrick gets the nod.

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If we’re 10 points up I’ve no problem with lads setting the account straight.


And as ever it would be the Dublin boys who get the line. Discipline is key here, we need 15 on the park to win it. Don’t play the game THEIR way, impose the “Dublin Game” on them and bring it home so we can begin “THE DRIVE FOR 5”

Hard to see Tyrone getting close here if I’m being honest. Dublin will severely punish any performance close to today’s, and I can’t see Tyrone getting as favourable a ref again for a right while.

PP have the handicap at -6, I reckon that’s worth a right wedge. I think this will be the final where Dublin really cut loose and win by a good bit.


Not as effective when 10 up. Couple of shkelps at throw-in, Whelo style. No less than those Tyrone f&ckers deserve.
Myler was particularly dirty off the ball in Omagh.

More importantly where is the all Ireland final tickets thread :astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished:

Gough will get the final. Would of got last year’s it for Mayo & Kerry drew so he got the reply.

Tyrone WANT Dublin to fight. Stick to playing the game the way we do and we will be alright, don’t stoop to a lower level.


I actually think we bullied them off the park in the first quarter last year. They weren’t able for the physical stuff at all and were well softened up, both sides of Con’s goal.

Today was a timely reminder of all the darkness that exists in Tyrone football and why so many hate them. We will actually have some neutral support now - and get more tickets than v Mayo. The deep cynicism has been presided over by Harte for nearly fifteen years now and takes a huge gloss off the many good things they do in games - shame really.

But it is just 12 months since Sean Cavanagh told how they were blown away by Dublin - for strength, fitness, stamina … and I don’t know if he said it - but skill too. Is it possible to make up that ground in 12 months? Not a chance.

Today they were awful. Shooting, passing, wrong options, Sludden, Harte nowhere and only the appalling Cavanagh turning in with a big game. They fell over the line against a Monaghan team that gave the worst performance I have seen them give in a few years.

Tyrone got up close and dangerous in Omagh (closer still because of Sky), and played well with a vocal home support. But there are no hiding places in Croke Park. These lads were psychologically scarred last year. Today again their younger lads largely froze and did not deliver on the big stage. Will they suddenly man up in front of 40,000 Dublin fans on the biggest day of all? Maybe. Will Jack McCaffrey’s man suddenly believe he can handle Jack? Fenton’s? Con’s? Howard’s? Kilkenny’s? I don’t believe so for a few reasons not least because we have far better players than theirs.

We will need cool heads - but we have cool heads. I don’t think there will be any subliminal sentiment going around that it would be lovely to see Tyrone win … The ref will need to be strong and good and a few cards may well have been marked today. The GAA will not want their annual showpiece ruined by antics like today.

Jim G will have us concentrating on us. We do not need to counter Tyrone. They will need to counter us though and I think our power game will destroy them again just like last year. Cavanagh is a mainstay but we have always had his number and can make him their weakness. They will not bully us nor physically outdo us - quite the opposite.

Our dressing room can smell immortality. They will be focused and driven and will not be denied by a largely inferior team. I think a repeat of last year is on the cards - maybe not the same margin - but comfortable in the sense that Tyrone will simply not be able to handle us.


David Gough will be the ref. Trust me.

I enjoyed reading that Dub09, bang on the money!

Dublin -6 with PP

These really are very special times. Not one person here could have predicted after the night of the startled earwigs that we would end up on a run like this. None.

I hope we all treat @upthedall with the respect he deserves in the build up to this. We can get tetchy here at times (me included) but this man has proven not to be a WUM and a Gael. I hope you enjoy the build up young man, hope your disappointed on Sept 2nd obviously, but I do think you will give us our sternest test this year but feel we may pull away down the home straight. At least I hope so!!!