2018 Club Hurling Fixtures

I see the club football fixtures are out for the coming season. Has the hurling been released too?

Just Football up so far but CCC said they would be sending out all by the end of the week


You expecting hurling to be treated on a par with football in this county???

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Any of the lower leagues available yet Ger?

Not yet

Dop fixtures rotate? As in if you played at home last year are you away the following year ? Or is it every two years?

Fixtures rotate every year
Is the way it has been the last number of years

I think this year is the first time in a few years that they have completely changed the fixtures. I think I read that on the mail from the county board

Fixture rotation happens on a 2 year basis. Then they are redrawn for the next 2 years.

Just looking, a lot of our away fixtures from last year are away fixtures again this year.

I was thinking it was every two years Whatever, thanks

This year is a redraw year.

so we got stiffed basically

A Chara,

Please find attached the gradings for the 2018 Adult and Minor Football and Hurling Leagues. These gradings have been decided by CCC and are final.

Due to an appeal to the Leinster Council the CCC are not in a position to issue proposed Championship gradings at this stage. These will be issued later, hopefully in time to be ratified at the next County Committee Meeting on February 19th next.

The process of making fixtures will now begin and it is hoped to have all league fixtures available by the end of next week. Please note that 2018 will be the first year in a new two year cycle of fixtures.

Is Mise,

Seán MacNiocláis.

Rúnaí CCC.



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AHL 6 - https://www.dublingaa.ie/competitions/fixtures/125341

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is the Leinster appeal to do with football?

Yes. Thomas Davis appealing there grading to SFC B Championship for 2018.

Keep them coming