2018 Dublin GAA Fixture Plan

Proposed Club Fixture plan for next year


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Alot of midweek games which personally is a pain for myself with work. Prefer weekend games but thats just me

When will this be ratified ?

Ah love an oil midweek game! Can’t please us all the time!

Why does minor not start until the last week of February. Mad Stuff. Lads want to be out playing games. It could reduce the number of summer games too.

Nice to see a possible visit by the Pope has been flagged for late August. Will he be lining out for anyone?


I hear Vincent’s have been sniffing around … good mates with Ger I heard …


It’s being presented to County Committee next Tuesday

Wouldn’t get his game. Sure look at all the Blue Stars we got :smile:

Yis are like Mayo with the All Stars :grin:

Here’s the proposed CCC regulations (changes are highlighted in bold & italics).

Proposing to promote & relegate 3 teams instead of the current 2

Well worth a serious read…mega changes being made in this revamp of the regulations. Should be a lively debate at the next county meeting.
Any views from our very own boarddelegate1?

3 up and 3 down in league

Harsh (No not on Mayo)

It will make the league far more competitive.

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“Well, Hill 16, they didn’t give a hope,
For Jimmy Keaveny, the man they call The Pope…”

Only question, as the second championship why don’t winners of senior 2 represent Dublin in the leinster inter? Or play off against inter winners like in hurling?

Because unless it’s actually called the Inter championship, it can’t be done and clubs wouldn’t vote to be called inter despite the fact that thats what this is.


Completely in favour of the 3 up 3 down myself.


But it’s called senior B in hurling and they’re eligible to represent us in leinster inter?

Didn’t know that? I remember asking the same question without the hurling element when it was first muted and was told the winners of the senior B couldn’t represent Dublin in Leinster. It’s a joke of a decision in my opinion