2018 Leinster SFC Quarter Final, Dublin v Wicklow - Portlaoise, Sun May 27th, 4pm

I presume it’s on the Saturday, and I presume it is in Portlaoise, but I wonder when it will be confirmed. Well done Wicklow, but I’d say the Dubs will be a small step up from Offaly.

Awful shame it’s not in Aughrim. That’d be some adventure.

That’d be some craic alright, provided no more than 5,000 wanted to see it.

Think it’s the Sunday given it won’t be on TV

Health & safety be dammed !

Check out @DubGAAOfficial’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/DubGAAOfficial/status/995730724228616192?s=09

It’s not on tv?

Great to see Wicklow rewarded with no home game against Dublin as their ground is too small. God forbid the golden child of the GAA couldn’t be accommodated and were at a disadvantage. Special rules for one is cheating. Maybe @gaa could run free shuttle buses from the Red Cow too.

Tweet from Spewan, It’ll be a long, long summer for this dickhead.


Ha, he is some demented gobshite altogether, what does he expect?

Don’t feed the troll, best ignored

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That arsehole is never happy. Up until a couple years ago it was all about Dublin never playing outside Croker. Leinster GAA then moved our games and the fucker every year still finds something to whinge about

Then follows it up within a matter of minutes

So it’s now our fault Wicklow don’t have a bit enough ground!!! As someone said above, don’t feed the troll…

Poor fella, it’s going to be a long summer for him indeed.

Think we last played Wickla in the championship in 1989 if I’m correct. It was a semi final played down in Newbridge. Beat Meath in in the Leinster final after for our first Leinster title in four years having lost to Meath four years in a row, but Ewan would have to acknowledge that was before we have the advantage of a big population and Croke park was actually in Longford during the 1980’s :grinning:.


Pity ■■■■■■■■■■■■ lads and pray none your sons turn out to be a miserable bollix like him.

“I’m not saying Dublin are benefiting by cheating themselves!! A common misconception!! I’m saying they are benefiting by cheating by the GAA!!. So, all that stuff about population, resources, money, sponsorship, croke park, every game being a home game, referees, none of that is aimed at Dublin at all. You might think I’m saying their all irelands are worthless because of Dublin, not at all! I’m saying they’re worthless because of the GAA!! So, stop getting me wrong. Dont know what you Dublin people have against me, you’re so precious, seeing criticism and insults everywhere”

All this hatred and he is living in brazil !!! What would be like if he actually lived in kildare !!

It pisses me off no end that people here constantly reference and copy stuff from this non-entity. Giving him a relevance when he has none.


every village needs its idiot.