2018 Leinster SFC Semi Final, Dublin v Longford – Croke Park, Sun June 10th 4pm

After a professional win over Wicklow, we’re back out again v Meath slayers, Longford in a week and a half. Might see Smally coming back into the team.
Longford have Kevin Stritch as coach this year who had a couple of good years with Castleknock when they reached the championship final so he will be well versed in the Dublin club scene. Hard to see beyond another straightforward win but would like to see the likes of Flynner get a bit more game time.

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I’d like to see Flynner get a start if he’s up for it. Also would like Kevin mc to get more game time. We’ll need experience at the business ends and we’ll depend on these lads to be going well ( especially with Brogan and you know who not available)

We’re going to end up in the super 8s without playing a side in division 2 or higher. A division 3 team and 2 division 4 teams. Very hard to give any credence or decent analysis to this game. Another no win scenario for Jim and the boys. Win by 20+ and it was only Longford. Win by less than 20 and they’ll be sluggish and not getting out of first gear. Another farce of a fixture truth being told.


In case you missed it that was every game bar the All Ireland final last year. Just beat what’s in front of you and move on. Hard to see anyone troubling dublin too much in my view.

At least if we played a division 2 or 1 side we might win by less than 15. Maybe still be only 3 or 4 points up after 40 mins and have something to play for. That’s what I meant. But I take your point

Game might be in the melting pot for more than 6 minutes?

One can only hope. Here’s a question. Can Dublin apply to move out of Leinster for provincial competition and if they could would there be support from within the county to do so? Say they moved into Ulster or Connaught? Munster wouldn’t work as there is absolutely nothing wrong with competitiveness in that province and we can’t upset the natural order of Kerry winning it every year cause that’s just normal.

Remember once when england thought the other six nations countries were not giving them enough of a game … I’d say enjoy this while it lasts. But as a competition structure it’s hardly edge of the seat stuff. Munster is no better really except cork look like they might be on the right track, or at least i thought the tipp game would be closer, no idea if tipp were missing lots of players or something.


The other provinces might be a little more competitive but at a much lower standard. We can only play what’s in front of us but I was very impressed by our application, effort and intensity last Sunday.

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Don’t think this team needs to worry about lack of practice regarding games being in the melting pot - if they do nothing else they dont panic

Wondering if our much vaunted strength in depth is not as great as we think it is. Here’s my reasoning. We have the game won after 10 minutes last Sunday. Win the first half by about 20 points-approx. We make 6 substitutions. We win the second by about 13-8. one would expect a fitter team and fresh subs to push on.
Hopefully I am wrong

no i wouldn’t worry about that - i think everyone eases off in the second half in games like that in all sports.

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I didn’t see much easing off to be honest @Auldtriangle. Obviously a raft of subs will disrupt a team but the intensity never dropped IMO - witness Jonny C’s late booking! Also clearly McHugh is not as good as what might start but giving him experience is vital. There was a lot of stupidity in not giving back the balls - which CK was not best pleased about. That was the most disruptive thing in the second half. Idiots …

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We could always split Dublin in…

I’d like to see some rotation of players for this game. It’s important that we have a squad of players ready and up to speed for the super 8, as having to play four games in five weeks means there is a strong risk of picking up injuries and fatigue developing (which I think you can begin to see happening in the Hurling).

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I wonder is it the four games in five weeks or the fact many teams are flogged to death training since December?

Don’t forget we have jack, cormac & cian to come back . So the lads in their positions are getting a run out atm . And the possibility of Diarmuid too.
Maybe we should just treat dc like an injury been out for the season at this stage .
Flynner looks like he was mad to make an impression just going by the wicklow game . Hopefully he doesnt over do it .

I imagine it could be a combination of both. But I doubt they are flogging them much harder this year compared to the last few years, so the frequency of games must be having some impact.

Indeed, but we shouldn’t rely on those players coming back fully fit and ready to go. I think the more options we give ourselves the better.

Personally I’d like to see 4/5 of the following given a start against Longford, (assuming of course they are fit)

Comerford, Byrne, Murchan, Daly, Small, Flynn, Costello, Basquel, McHugh

I don’t think including some of these players will weaken us for Longford and it will give lads some game time to keep them sharp.


Jim put out a very strong team , which was surprising. It could be a completely different team next day out . I’d like Flynner to start to build him up for later . It would be interesting to see if he’s trying him out in midfield considering he came on for mdma.