2018 Leinster SFC Semi Final, Dublin v Longford – Croke Park, Sun June 10th 4pm

We could make 5 changes and it would still be called a strong team, which is a great way to be. How strong any team is though remains to be seen until we get to the super 8s.

I would worry about the team that started the last day facing any of the top 4 teams to be honest. I think we possibly need a bit more aggression in the forwards and one or two more guys who will keep manners on the opposition. Flynn is vital to have on board for this, and hopefully DC also. But Reddin could play a part too.

For top quality, athletic forwards, no one has the match of us, but that’s not a lot of use if they aren’t let play, or if they meet defenders as fast as them.

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Yup , Kev , flynner & DC fall into that category.

Forgot about Davy Byrne, he had a savage league, did he get a run on Sunday?

No, he wasn’t listed on the squad for last Sunday.

Must be injured. Shame Carthy (Vincents) wasn’t in the squad, and played league the week before, might be slipping down the ladder a bit. Shane Carthy (Mearnóg) had a brilliant O Byrne Cup and we have hardly seen him at all. He was like a man among boys in the O Byrne Cup, I’d have thought he was nearer the team then he seems to be.

Shane Carthy from Vins is gone off the panel as far as I know. Not sure if by choice or not. Watching him when we played Cuala it would be all but impossible to see how he could be dropped and Schutte not. But there you go.

I haven’t seen Schutte play football for a long time, but he is 6’4” or something and very athletic. So I can see why they want to give him a go - but I would prefer they wouldn’t.

It must be unusual for the 4 out of 5 county champions to have no one on the county panel though!

Which county?

Hmm - Dublin…

Is Mullins still involved with Donegal?

Probably handy to have a tall FF to practice defending against in training games or to play the O’Gara role (minus the cards) in a real game.

Shame about McCarthy though.

Hah, good point

Been lining out in midfield in A vs B games and one “B vs C” game as far as I know.

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There is no point to this game. Dublin have as much a chance of losing to a team from Lambay Island. The system is fcuked.


This could prove useful as a back up there if needed .

Jim has not many made many changes in the starting 15 in recent times. Seems to be a pattern in team selection. Noticed on Sunday how composed Cooper, Fenton and Kilkenny are now. Real leaders in the side. Would be nice to see Flynn and Kev get more game time for later in the season but Jim has to balance that against rewarding those who have been successful so far this season.

Hard to believe he is off the panel. I hear Dublin have kept a championship panel of 40-sometimes training in 2 groups of 20 in separate nights. I read somewhere Kerry are doing the same. Both Carthys are surely in the top 40 players

Shane Carthy (Mearnóg) came of the bench late on at Tyrone in the league. That’s about all the time he’s had on the pitch this season. I’m assuming he started with Mearnog though in their senior B club championship game.

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They’re certainly ahead of some still there alright

If both us and Carlow reach the final will we rush Connolly back?