2018 LSHC Round 2 - Wexford v Dublin, Innovate Wexford Park, Sunday May 20th, 3pm

Imagine we’ll have a decent crowd going down next sunday after yesterdays strong showing.Hopefully everyone including Conal will be available and up for a battle against wexford.Dont know capacity, maybe 20,000 but think it could be a close on a sell-out ?


Looking at the Fixtures we have to win this to have any hope of the top 3 … I think the lads will find it hard to pick themselves up from yday will be a tough ask

Reading today looks like tracey is the only extra forward available team might be along the same lines but with O’Dwyer coming in for Conal and rushe could end up centre forward to mix things up as wexford are well warned about rushe in Full Forward …

I don’t we’re ready for a new thread yet. Just shows how hard it is for us never mind the players. No dwelling time at all


Any definite news on Conal?

Haven’t heard.
Have watched it again, it looked so innocuous which generally end up the worst ones!

Tickets on sale Super Valu? Also anyone know if its much of a hike from the train station to Wexford park?

Ah yeah tickets on sale in supervalu, centra id say. 25min walk its saying on google maps. Taxi :slight_smile:

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About a 15 minute walk

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Fast walk ha ha

Walk and a bitta banter with the wexicans

Will we line out as defense v Wexford? We can’t afford to concede 1-24 again and realistically hope to win, although kilkenny only hit 3 wides or something ridiculous like that. We had 10 wides and dropped at least 4 balls short. Need to improve that, the platform our hb line gave us was superb.

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Kilkenny scored 13 points from frees.If we curtail that we’ll give ourselves a chance

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Hopefully to jesus ROD isn’t the replacement for Conal.


Wexfords lack of a top free taker could stand to us Sunday. They struggled with them in games during the league. If Lee Chin is taking the frees especially!

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Wexford use a sweeper system, so we don’t actually have to play with a sweeper to have one, we will be +1 by default. If that is the case, I would leave O Donnell at midfield on Chin (assuming he is there). Moran should still have his free role that he plays so well.

If we have six forwards, they will still have to cope with the Wexford sweeper, but there will be less space and more chance for Dublin forwards to pressurize clearances. So I don’t think we should blink first on the sweeper thing. Both teams want an extra defender, but we should try to make Wexford be the ones to withdraw a forward to make it happen.

The big question is Keaney. If we have him, we will win I think. If we don’t, and if Cian Boland is going well I would throw him in at 11. He is nice and aggressive. Although Winters and McGibb did very well when they came on.

If Treacy is available, he could maybe come in for Whitley, although Whitley did nothing wrong either. But Treacy might have an extra bit of cuteness. Other then that, McBride mixed some very good things with some not so good, but it was his first senior championship start and I think he will be fine if they keep faith. He did an absolute mountain of work.

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I am not sure Rushe works at 11. He needs to be coming direct onto ball I think. Either from the backs out, or from the full forward line. At 11, there might be too much twisting and turning.

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I’ve a feeling it might be ROD we see at 11 if Keaney doesn’t make it.

Well, someone needs to tell him the game is at 3.


Any word on Keaney, they must know by now, so keeping Wexford guessing.

Whitley took a couple of poor shots, both went short i think, but his ground strike for the goal was brilliant. He brings pace to the forwards, not something we have a huge amount of. Danny also missed a couple of shots uncharastically for him.

Agree on McBride tired badly before he was subbed but had put in a huge effort, missed a lot of the spring so expect his fitness will improve. Also very inexperienced.

Outside Keaney, Nolan and Rushe the age profile of the team is seriously young and while a lot of them were involved last year, there’s not a huge amount of experience there, or you have lads coming back after a long break.

What a shame Paul Schutte is out because with him available i think we’d have a back 6 as good as anyone.