2018 LSHC Round 3 - Dublin v Offaly, Parnell Park, Sunday June 3rd 3pm

The big one, winner takes all…

Can we harness the performances from the first two games and retain our status for 2019? Offaly must be totally demoralised following their tanking on Saturday night.

Win and it’s been a good year and we would appear to be going places.

Lose and it’s a long haul back next year.

I think we’ll win by six or seven.

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I suspect the competition will change next year to keep ourselves or Offaly up but even so a win here is really important, at home and with Offaly having had no break, we must have the advantage.

Makes a change going in as slight favourites though, different dynamic. Will we change our setup or stick with the more defensively solid setup?

Need to cut down on the frees. Any word on whether Keaney is fit? Burke?

Offaly going into this one on back foot. Two players suspended following straight red cards last week v Wexford. I think if we bring the same intensity that we had v Kilkenny and cut down on frees conceded we will win this by about 5 points. Need to make sure we keep 15 on the park. Because this will probably be a feisty affair!

I think we’ll win this handy enough. Offaly must be thoroughly demoralised and exhausted at this stage and we’ve had two weeks to mend the knocks and reset ourselves.


Not sure you could say beating Offaly is the sign of a good year?

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It’s funny how the optics change all the time, kilkenny were shown up on sunday as being not really all that good, which puts our performance against them in a slightly different light. Really we’d want to be beating them next time we meet

This weekend is a crunch game, a good performance against Offaly and we should win, If we do okay v Galway and it’ll overall have been a decent first year.

Looks very much like we will be out of championship by June 09 - Dublin SHC on hold till sept?

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Yep we probably will be out of champo in june.But because next round of dublin champo is penciled in for sept, players will have gone and booked holidays and whatever in between

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I had previously said Keaney would be right for Offaly game… reality is he may make a subs appearance at best IMO… will be given the extra weeks for Galways pounding physicality…
Burke, unlikely, i have heard very little about him at all so highly unlikely to see him

THats a shame

Would like to see us play without the sweeper this weekend. I understand why used in previous games but hope we might bit more confident without it for Offaly.
Would move O’Donnell back to full back line and could mark Dooley as well.
This is really a massive game for us. They won’t have any fear after the hammering they gave us in the league. Although part of me is thinking if we can’t beat Offaly at home we deserve to be relegated.

Absolutely if we can’t beat Offaly would deserve to be relegated, but we can and we will beat them. Only one of the guys (Whitely) that played against them in the league between Number 8 and Number 15 started against Wexford. So it is a different set up now.

Dillon should be near enough for this you would think. He has been a big loss all year.

I just see the Wex Galway game is on Saturday. So Dublin will have some idea of where they stand before the game on Sunday. If Galway win, we have very little chance of progression, if Wexford win (and Dublin win), it will come down to a straight winner takes all in our game against Galway. It would be difficult, but better then playing the game as a dead rubber (I hate that phrase!).

I think Galway are streets ahead of wexford. but you never know, assume it is in wexford park?

Yeah. Innovate Wexford Park is the venue.

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Wex might make a game of it down there.

5.00pm on Sat … I am struck by the lack of reality … sorry - the optimism of Dublin something staying in contention here. Avoiding relegation is where it’s really at …

**[quote=“DUB09, post:17, topic:3489, full:true”]
5.00pm on Sat … I am struck by the lack of reality … sorry - the optimism of Dublin something staying in contention here. Avoiding relegation is where it’s really at …

I think it’s in the middle, I don’t think relegation is a serious worry but I think going forward in the competition is a very long shot.

Any thoughts on our team for this weekend ? I think Cian Boland and Treacy could come in for whitely and MacGib. Def a case to be made that MacGib is better coming off the bench for us when the game is opening up and the opposition are tiring. Boland in for whitely.
Hoping we demolish Offaly and Wexford to a job on Galway and set up a huge decider in Salthill the following week where we have Keaney and Dillon back.

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Read on Internet that Conal Keaney is fit and ready to start lay v Offaly