2018 LSHC Round 3 - Dublin v Offaly, Parnell Park, Sunday June 3rd 3pm

Lads - How was was Boland when he came on in Wexford? If he comes back to his best he would be a huge asset.

I wonder would they look to take anyone new from the 21s. Conroy was flying last week against Laois.

Other then that, Dillon must be near ready now.

Happy days if it’s correct…


He got on a bit of ball alright. Mixed the good with the bad. Should have had a point but wasn’t sharp enough and got blocked. Would’ve put us 2 up at the death I think. With a bit more game time could get a start. Definitely needs game time to sharpen up. If he remains injury free he could be a good player for us next year.


Cheers… Getting on the ball is the first step I guess. For me he would be on a different level skill wise to some of the lads that are playing, so once he gets motoring I assume he would add a lot.

Mcgibb injured himself in wexford,and could struggle to be fit.Know keaney is training, just hope he’s match fit for sunday


If Galway win in Wexford our chances of qualification are gone as we could only then finish level with either Wexford or Kilkenny losing out on head to head to both.

We know that qualification is a long shot now but wouldn’t it be nice to be going to Galway next weekend with qualification up for grabs. Just to see where we are at with hopefully a full strength team. Very confident will beat offaly this Sunday with a bit to spare.


It would be great. Nobody wants a dead rubber in the last round and going to Galway with a close to/relatively full strength team and something to play for would make for a great occasion. But full concentration must be on Offaly for now, they’ll have been targeting this game from the start, it’s their last game in the championship and they’ll be going hell for leather, we must stay focussed. Put a big score on the board is something I’m hopeful of


Galway win on Sunday puts them in Final. Wexford win leaves three on 6 points with Wexford playing Kilkenny on last day. Format certainly makes it interesting.

Dillon not in the squad for this just like the Wexford game. He’s not injured this time either he just played for us v Plunketts.

That’s beyond bizarre. Was it a v bad injury he had? He was off IC for a long time so must have been.

What’s going on there? That’s weird…

Missed a lot of the league that seems to be why he’s not in the plans, could well end up drafted in at some point but he was injury free last game, same this time round but not involved in the panel. Could be match fitness?

I guess… he was at the Wexford game in the crowd.

You drag him in regardless imho. Probably our top forward last year in Danny’s absence. Fit or not he needs integrating. As has been said already were probably out in a fortnight. Don’t see the point in not including him.


Is Trollier’s absence anything to do with his missus dropping a sprog a few days ago?

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But not even togged out the last day is strange. I see him tweeting away also, I don’t think other players do this during the season (apart from ‘thanks for the car, suit, meal’ etc). It’s a little concerning. But hopefully they are just being really careful with an injury.

Can only assume as much, i’d have him in there despite the lack of hurling this year - maybe they don’t want to parachute someone in at this stage, or they are being really careful with the injury… but as others have said, our best forward since Daly left, with Danny and Keaney in the HF line i thin would only help dillon be more effective.

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Reading between the lines pat was happy to let him get some minutes under his belt with the club this week to see how he is. Would imagine he will be back in for Galway game possibly from the start


I like the fact he tweets, can have a life outside of this stuff although many wouldn’t want them too


If Dillon was in the picture for the offaly game, he would not have togged out midweek. Hes obviously not been viewed as an option.