2018 LSHC Round 4 - Galway v Dublin, Pearse Stadium, Saturday June 9th 7pm

Bit of a dead rubber about this one, unfortunately. Would still like to see the lads give it a right lash and see where we are. Will Galway probably rest a few key players? I’m actually not sure how the fixtures fall over the next few weeks?

Or will Pat try out a few fringe players? The u21s have a big match midweek before and after this one so he might bear that in mind? Was Whitley subbed so early yesterday with that in mind?

  • The match is on Sky Sports

The match was to have been on Sky but that has changed now. They have announced that they are showing Meath v. Tyrone instead.

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That makes sense!

From whence came the phrase “dead rubber”?

Thanks for that - GAA site still had it down as being on sky.

good question - no idea.

The game doesn’t even impact anyone else, so there are no secondary considerations. I see Gilroy talking about intensity again after the Offaly game. This was a common theme when he was the football manager. I remember after one game he said (of the footballers) ‘we are an ordinary team if we don’t bring intensity’.

So it will be harder to get stuck in for 70 minutes in a game that doesn’t matter. Also. There will be an element of owing guys game time. That will be a hard pressure to resist.

But I think the 15 that started the last day is the base team. No one else will automatically come into it without proving they are better then the guy in the position. And that is how we will be better next year, because there probably are two or three guys out there who would improve their relative positions. I am not saying that the person occupying any position did badly, but there are guys who can bring something else.

The Rushe thing needs sorting out. The concept is good, but there is something missing. You can’t have a guy that good only getting on the ball three or four times a game. He needs space around him to operate in and he needs a very particular type of ball played to him.

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They are showing Kilkenny vs. Wexford at the same time so would have had to use two of their stations to show the Dublin Galway game and I doubt many Hurling neutrals would watch Gal v. Dub ahead of KK vs. Wex. Meath vs. Tyronne is at 5pm. Right call from a commercial perspective but a pity for all of us who wanted to watch.


There is a motorway that will get you there in just over two hours!


Still think this is a very important match for us vis a vis next year. If we could really put it up to them and run it close, or even win as they won’t risk anyone carrying knocks, then that would have us set up well for beating at least one of Wexford, Galway and Kilkenny next year.

I hope the lads remain disciplined. Need as many players available as possible starting off next year’s league. No need for stupid suspensions from a game that means nothing but pride.

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i hope we give it a lash as well.

Daly’s teams were the same, when we didn’t hit the berserk mode we were quite ordinary, usually happened against the teams we were expected to beat. i hope we give this a good lash now, a trimming now would be disappointing, especially as galway are qualified.

Re Rushe I think the first decent ball put into him on Sunday led to the first goal, lots of wasted ball that was over/under hit before we got it right and once we did we really got going and put them away.

and then another hour to get to salthill !!!


Agree. If we lose, we can say sure it meant nothing (which is true) but win and it gives us a nice footing for next year confidence wise. Suppose a lot will depend on the personnel of both teams. Galway may see it as a chance to keep lads sharp seeing as they will be playing further into the season whereas for us it’s the end of the road regardless.

On Rushe, there really is no other spot for him in the first 15. He’s not getting into that Hb line anytime soon barring injury crisis nor will he be our starter at 3. If all he does every game is set up one or two goal scoring chances and maybe chips in with a point or two it’s well worth persevering with.

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FODH running a bus for anyone that doesn’t fancy the drive!

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Spillane used to quote it as a mantra til about two years ago, “if Dublin dooon’t play with intiiinsity, then they are very ordinary”. Funnily enough I never bought that, for starters because it fit that old Kerry agenda about athletes turned into footballers and all that.
And mark my words, that will be resurrected and given an airing again this year as Kerry weave their pure bred magic and prepare to restore the natural order of the flame.

I hope next year it goes to score difference rather than head to head to decide placing with the championship group.

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Could he pop out to centre forward now and again?