2018 LSHC Round 4 - Galway v Dublin, Pearse Stadium, Saturday June 9th 7pm

It’s an option alright but not a permanent one in my view. I think the biggest challenge facing Pat & co is finding a replacement for Kearney at 11 should he decide to hang up the boots this year. Personally I’d like to see Danny giving the number 11 I think he could potentially be excellent in that role. The Brigids CHF whose name escapes me had a stormer for our 21s and could be there or thereabouts in the year or two.

Of all the positives mentioned about this Dublin team this year, the finding of a serious HB line cannot be overstated. The springboard for all our attacks and first line of defence in most cases against the puckout is a huge part of the game. If you think back to the recent great teams like KK in their prime, their halfback line was untouchable at times and really picked itself. Tommy Walsh, peter Barry and JJ in my view was the foundation that team was built on. The cork team that challenged that great KK side, Gardiner, Curran and Sean Og at the their peak were another’s formidable force. Even the Clare team of the 90s had an outstanding HB line. I know teams have won it without household names in the position but seldom have come back year after year. What we have now is potentially the HB line for 6/7 years barring disaster injurywise. It’s what gives me the most hope going forward.


Martin Breheny: Hurling system glitch so unfair on Dublin

I am not sure he’s right. It would be unfair on Kilkenny or Wexford if we qualified because we beat Galway because we played them when they are already qualified. There is no perfect system in a small group. Score difference would minimize dead rubber games. But head to head is probably inherently fairer.


We have options for Keaney if he does go. It is always going to be hard to replace probably the best player we ever had. But there are options.

Longer term the likes of Gannon or Hayes from the u21s could do a good job. Likewise Conroy might be a solution. But I think if Keaney does go (and I wouldn’t be surprised if he gave it one more year), then I think they could well look at Cian Boland for there.

But I think next year, when injuries clear up, and guys are a bit older, the forwards could be changed a lot.


I think everyone involved is much more looking forward to next year than anyone involved last year was looking to 2018. I am sure Pat Gilroy will have wished he done some things differently, in hindsight. But for the optimism that you assume is there now, he deserves great credit.


I’m not sure what he would have changed. Sure, there were some horrible results in the league, but that might have been a process that had to be gone through to arrive at the team he did.

If there was anything I would change, it would have been the handling of McMorrow. I haven’t a clue what went on, but I thought he got treated a bit roughly by being taken off at half time in Limerick, you could have taken off anyone except Sutcliffe and Nolan that day. McMorrow is too good not to be at least on the panel and if that situation could be changed it would be good for everyone I think.

Head to head is the fairest, esp with the possibility of dead rubber games in round #4 each year. We would go mad if we had of beaten Kilkenny and they jumped us on score difference


I wonder will Dillon get a run? Likewise Burke? Whitely is out I assume?

What’s up with Whitley?

He didn’t play last night and someone above mentioned an injury

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I d be hoping and hopeful Keaney will stay on as well. Boland a good prospect but not same type of player as Keaney.

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Not many are.

Winters has the potential to play the Keaney role. But that would be very much long term! Could take about 3 or 4 years for him to develop to that stage.

Interesting to see if Danny played Full Forward, would expect David Treacy to play R corner Forward and Jake Malone to drop back towards Midfield, Strong side , looking forward to seeing how Cian Boland goes. Presume Rushe & Keaney are not injured ?

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He’s obviously happy with the backs,solid,and maybe just trying something different up front.

Strong team, pity this is the end of the year.

Following the footballers is so joyless now I’ve loved the hurling season.

The reason I say following the footballers is joyless is the fact the media and other counties deride all success now and it’s tiring to argue the points with people.

You often hear sports people say the journey is more enjoyable than the summit. The hurlers I feel are on an exciting journey and I can’t wait to see what unfolds over the next few seasons


The football championships has been a bit flat, compared to the hurling. Having said that the dublin footballers are a joy to watch, will be brilliant when the competition heats up a bit, i think it’ll be a summer of two halfs.Hurling first half and the football championship when the super 8s kick in.

I couldn’t care less about the lack of praise and the pathetic attempts to undermine their achievements - it’s just begrudgery and it’s a sign you are so good people feel they have to attack. It sure beats the almost pity we got before or the endless “overhyped” stuff.


Keaney n Rushe not playing ?

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It’s a pity to be missing them for this game. Galway are monsters of men and we will be hard pushed to cope with them physically. Taking out our two physically strongest players seems problematic.