2018 NFL: Round 1 - Dublin v Kildare, Croke Park, Saturday January 27th, 7pm (Live Eir Sport 2)

Almost that time again…

Surely, the Peoples Perputal Misery Cup Champions of January deserve their own match thread, to celebrate their trumphant return to Division 1?

Presume this will be live on Eir sports?

That’s actually scary reading this already. We only took the Chrimbo tree down a week ago!

Spits on hands, rubs them together

Right, I reckon we will have a fairly experimental team for this. Maybe 10 or so from the AIF team. A few newbies on the bench to give them the dressing room feeling. The likes of Philly, MDMA, Flynn rested. Would expect to beat them comfortably enough. No disrespect to Kildare either, but we are 3 in a row AI champs!

Dunno if it will be all that experimental. Last year, 10 players from the previous Septembers AI final featured in our first league game up in Cavan. I can’t remember if it was 10 starters, or 10 including those who came off the bench, but 10 is still a heckuva large number of regulars, for the first league game of the year.

Never get tired of beating the lilyshites , make sure that they don’t get any ideas above their station .


I fancy them to take our Leinster crown this year

Not saying Flynn or MDMA should be played, but rested, they played very little football last year, I think both could do with a few games early on to get a bit of confidence back, not saying so early as this, but I would be in favour of giving both a good bit of game time during the league if Gavin still sees them as potential starters.

Stop trying to replace Bart.


Both hurling and football on Eir

Call in Joe Brolly …

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Yep - Jason Whelan, Lowndes and at that time Scully were the only real peripheral players that started. Basquel, Reddin and McHugh came on … as did Cormac!

We’re only back training since last week and a few players not back yet so we’ll be rusty enough. I’m sure Kildare have done a lot of work and will see this game as an opportunity for them

Gavin will play the guys who are relatively fit and sharp for this time of year,

If he’s fit he should be playing alot of games in the league considering how much he missed last year . So we need a suitable backup if Jim considers leaving Jamsey in the middle again this year or if Fenton god forbids gets injured .


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Hopefully we play tragically bad and are two points down in the 7th minute of only 5 additional minutes. Paul Mannion clear as day picks the ball up off the ground and throws the ball into the net ala Joe Sheridan and runs off giving it the loadsamoney celebration.


That would be great too if he gets game time .

That would be great but, I hope we beat these by about 7 or 8 pts, with us only back from hols o neill would have had them trainin for this like wild ( sheep ) dogs, lookin to see if they can close the gap a little. It will be very intrestin to see what sort of a team Jim puts out, Will he go all out to win the league and go for another treble?

No way on earth will we be prioritising the league this year same as last year. If Howard Basquel and a few others get some game time and improve like Scully did last year all while securing division 1 status it’s job done for me. We’ll start taking things seriously the beginning of August

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Has the boat sailed for him or could he be another Con ?

No way I’d be shocked if that was true. He’s a tremendous talent and is lightning quick. Would fit right into our style of play imo.

Con is out there on his own imo. Unfair to liken anyone to him

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Wasn’t trying to make a comparison , more to how he got his chance in the team .

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