2018 NFL: Round 2 - Tyrone v Dublin, Saturday February 3rd, Healy Park, 7pm (Deferred Eir Sport 2)

Pretty sure this one is delayed coverage on Eir Sport with Kerry/Mayo and Tipp/Waterford the live fixtures

Not looking to cash-in on or anything…but cheap diesel just 2 lefts after the Ballygawley roundabout.

Ask for my name.

Perfectly legitimate and great for your engine.



On a serious note…we’re going to the game but I’d settle for a 2-3 pt defeat right now.

After a good start to Div1 last year - including drawing with Dublin, they lost to Kerry, Mayo and Donegal.

Maybe it tells us where Ulster football is at the moment.

MH’s last 2 games were the hiding from Dublin and defeat to Galway. And bar Colm Cavanagh, that was a full-strength tyrone side yesterday.

Tyrone have had a misplaced belief in their ability at times…but no one I know is expecting a win on Sat.

I just hope Dublin come up in 2nd gear.

Not a hope @upthedall - it’d wreck our engines.

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Boom boom! Well, let’s hope they stop off for some dodgy meals beforehand.

I can recommend some greasey diners around Omagh.

Are you going to the game…?

Yep I hope to head up alright. Unless it’s snowing! I even have my little Union Jacks that I had for the Queen’s visit ready to put on the car.

Ha. Well you very welcome.

If nothing else, you’ll confuse the few brethren in Campsie when they see the union flag with a southern reg.

You can park opposite Healy Park in Greenhill Cemetery (no jokes).

Stinker to get out of in traffic…but it’s free and right beside the ground.

Be very surprised if we don’t win here. Be interesting to see how Howard and Basquel cope with a much more physical defence. Basquel was bullied at times in the first half so be interesting to see how he goes here. Fenton performs to even 80 percent of how he did on Saturday it should be dubs by 5 at least

I’ll probably head up in the afternoon and park in the town and walk out. It’ll be a slow journey home either way between traffic and Aughnacloy, Emyvale etc.

Word of warning to Ressers - if ye do get a head of steam up around CMX there’s a wee man there who loves to take your picture and give you a few points …

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What was McCurry thinking for his red card yesterday @upthedall ? Senseless stuff and then he tries to protest. I’d say MH let him have it.

Not sure to be honest.

He didn’t make the side last year, so not sure whether he was being over eager to prove himself.

I think he’s a good club player, but not convinced about him being serious IC standard.

But a bit like Nathan Mullins…ultimately did his side no favour being sent off so soon.

Also given the dearth of forwards, I’m not sure if MH can punish McCurry too much.

McAliskey is still making his way back from cruciate surgery last season and SC has left the 14 position.

The only new face on the team yesterday was a good U21 corner back.


Headline begins ‘Tyrone fail to fire …’

Subtle message perhaps …, :wink:

You let the cat out of the bag there.
Thought I was one of the few that knew about parking in the cemetery.

If you keep hush…we could set up a ‘Pay as you Park’ for these naïve dubs coming up!

Is there parking in the Cemetery or is it all just hearse-ay?

Parking is a grave situation around Healy Park…no need to trivialise with your puns.

Backed both Donegal and Tyrone, both had players sent off.

I’m fighting the urge to post more puns on this cemetery lark.