2018 NFL : Round 4 - Mayo v Dublin, Saturday February 24th, McHale Park, 7pm (Live Eir Sport 2)

Have at it ladies.

Will Dermo be back?

I doubt it somehow.

We should applaud them onto the pitch …

We really should ! :rofl:


On paper, form would say we are going to murder them. Alas, games are not won on paper.

Games are won on the pitch, and in that case, we are going to absolutely murder them.

It will be ill tempered, and has 0% chance of finishing with 30 players on the pitch.

Dubs by 12, pulling up, we win the inevitable melee.


Mayo bloggers just wanting to get this one out of the way, as quickly as possible. They are not looking forward to the game AT ALL !

Would it be unchristian of me to enjoy their discomfort at the prospect of another hiding?

'Tis the start of Lent n’all. :angel: :angel: :angel:


Stop trying to put them in Coddle. Lentils don’t belong there.


Might be the wrong game for Dermo to come back

is this the peoples champions park as per the res dubs tweet or Phairc Ni uillinn ?

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'Tis in McHale Park, Castlebar boss.

Get on the M- HowsYerFather

Drive for 13 hours.

Turn left, when the smell of rotting animal carcasses becomes too hard to resist.

(Probably not that hard, given where you live. :wink: )

And bobs yer uncle, yer there !

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An bring yerself a few rasher sambitche’s, it’ll help pass the time

Don’t see us murdering anyone , Mayo will be up for the game and the locals will be vocal. another 1 point win will do.

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I’d agree . The rot has to stop somewhere & for pride alone they will give us a game . It’s how we react that will be telling . We don’t need lads been brought down to their level .

one of the biggest strengths of this team is how it reacts to the situation on the day and not panic - Kerry last year proved that.

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There’s never a wrong game to bring back, he who is known to be the one, the greatest, our legend, that is THE DIARMO.
Mind you I see what your thinking, and I reckon, he will be the equivalent of a hot pin in the eye for them, which under the circumstances will be quite apt.

The Pro points for a Murdering:

  • Mayo are waaaay off the pace fitness wise.
  • Missing several key players, including their Star Forward, Star Back, and Free taker.
  • The forward six last time out had more players sent off than it did points scored from play. What’s more, they were one player short of Full Strength. They are not going well.
  • McHale must be the easiest ground in Division 1 to go to and get points from. Tis no fortress.
  • Mayo’s sole win this year was against a team that finished with 12 men on the pitch, and that was by one point.

Now the Cons:

  • The sight of a Sky Blue jersey always brings out the best in Mayo.
  • They need these points, whereas a loss to us is no biggie.
  • Donegal and Tyrone have shown that we are invulnerable by any means.

Summary - Complacency is our biggest enemy, if Dublin show up focused, it’s a case of Jim simply deciding the margin of victory.


I just wouldn’t like to see Dermo getting caught up in a load of bollix up there, especially if its his 1st match back, I dont think Jim would want it either. Ye know what that mob would be up to. Would rather see him back for a nice handy one against the KOTF in croker

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Can’t wait to see DC back but do agree it could be the wrong match for him to make his league comback. he’ll need a few extra jerseys for this 1 if he does start. the boo boys will be out in force

In 2017, we beat them 1-16 to 0-07, at Croker.

In 2015, we beat them 2-18 to 0-12, in Castlebar.

If they aren’t 2 hidings, I don’t know what is.


I meant more from a discipline side .

Mayo will obviously be up for a game, so if they do ever manage to get a win over us, I’d rather it be now than later in the year when results count for more than they do.

I’d be happy with a close game and another good performance from the newer guys coming into the team to lay down a marker that they want their position for Championship, and escape the game with no injuries (caused by violence or otherwise)

Though giving them a good hiding wouldn’t be too bad either :thinking: