2018 NFL : Round 4 - Mayo v Dublin, Saturday February 24th, McHale Park, 7pm (Live Eir Sport 2)

We should send out our “C” team, with none of our All Ireland winning starters on it.

If they win, great. If they lose, so what, it’s only the C team?

The lack of respect shown to Mayo, by sending out such a squad, would drive them nuts. :rofl:



They gave us one I think in 2012 in the league. I often think these Mayo games can be a precursor to how the season as a whole will go.

2012? :thinking:

Ah here… entirely different panel, different manager, different kettle a’fish entirely imo.

Back then, we had no clue how to get ourselves right, the year after winning the All Ireland. We were all over the shop and it showed all year long.

It’s a totally different story now, where we are a finely tuned machine from early on. I expect that to show on Saturday week. We may not win, but we certainly won’t embarrass ourselves either. We leave that to the Mayo crowd. :smile:


That was the redone fixture. Foggy as ■■■■ the first day. Morty ran riot the second time out.

Think it would be a big mistake on Mayo’s behalf if they try to make it a needley affair, if it worked and they won, well they might be ok, but there is no guarantee that it would work and if it backfired they would look like they are clutching at straws trying to beat us and have lost confidence in their own football ability

We hammered them in Croker last year in the league and it had no relevance to our meeting in Championship.
This year Mayo are under a little bit more pressure in league so I don’t want to see a close game which could be a moral booster for them .
I want us to play them off the park.


I’d prefer a close game where the new young lads are tested. You learn nothing by hammering a team. Can the young lads stand up and perform in a close game away from home? In my view that’s worth something.

League final last year was the game that stood to Dublin for the All Ireland Final.
Our draw in Donegal I don’t think was even remembered.
Tough league encounter in Croker would be no harm to Howard or Basquel.
Castlebar , I’ll happily take us to hammer them.


I remember especially 2015 in castlebar with connolly and flynn. ( who were just back playing for their first game that year ) doing a demolition job on them…

2016 was a nice win down there also - they threw everything at us but we edged them out

I’d be very surprised if we dont beat them by about 5 or 6 just playin our normal game, I dont think anyone in the camp would want them gettin any ideas for later in the year. it might get a bit fire’y all right, but our lads wont be bullied by them, we’r well able for that shite, 4 out of 4 for us

None of mayos last 6 opponents finished with 15 on the field and I don’t expect it to be any different for us either. There seems to be a trend of them seeking numerical advantage to get them over the line. It’s not getting them the results but that said desperate people resort to desperate acts. If we are leading by 4/6 pints going down the home straight it will possibly get very dirty so I hope we blitz them start of 2nd and finish at a cantor with no injuries.

certain individuals for us , will be targeted all right to try and get them the line, so whoever the ref is, might have a big part to play, I do think they’ll be a bit under the microscope especially after the galway game

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I’d put what happened in Galway down to a combination of them losing the run of themselves & Galway looking to put down a marker for May . That’s going to be some game . They’re clearly way off the pace ATM . This could be a rope a dope too as we’ve seen they only seem to click in August .
I’m certainly not writing them off now . And they’re missing a good few lads too . We don’t want to be giving them any ideas either so I hope we go out to blitz them .


Conquering discipline issues one reason to play Connolly?

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Vocal local yokels? I like it.
This will be an interesting game, with the Cillster out and I wouldn’t be surprised to see AOS on the bench. Doing pushups with one arm of course. A young hungry fearless Mayo team to run at us and start a mid-league slump

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I think we should start the game by dragging all 15 of their players down and sticking sweaty GPS’s in their mouths


Can just never tell with Mayo. I think we’ll win pulling up but you just never know

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I think you lack a bit of direction in what you’re trying to say there boss.

Mayo missing Higgins, Leeroy, Parsons, Barrett, Seamie O’Se, Vaughan, Harrison, ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■, thats the main players really