2018 NFL: Round 6 - Galway v Dublin, Sunday March 18th, Pearse Stadium, 2pm

Ok - just to get this one kicked off. I presume we will be the live game on TG4?!

Hmmm hurling quarter finals also on … so deferred at best I suppose …

Hard to know what to make of Galway. They have done all that has been asked of them and have some excellent players no doubt. They are unbeaten in the League since last year and are improving all the time. It is a long time since we met them so there is no real direct form line.

My own view is that they are the best of the rest in the League but that still leaves a big gap to us. They don’t have a lot of experience at this top top level and seem to have a few lighter lads too. They will not have met anything like our physicality or pace. The question is - who will we play and … will we play!? I think we don’t know anything other than to go full pelt - there is so much competition. Indeed possibly the most pleasing aspect yesterday was how hard we pressed the more the game went on and how we didn’t even want to give up a point - never mind a goal.

We also need to consider what way Galway will approach this one - knowing that there will almost certainly be a second meeting a fortnight later in Croke Park. Stick or twist?!

I’d like to see starts for a number of players who have seen little or no game time in this League. Cormac, EOG, Butsy and even Dermo.

I think we’ll have too much for them no matter what they or we do.

What is Dublin’s form going into this game? What was the result of their last game @DUB09?


Yea it was a low key one but I believe the final score was …

KERRY 0-11


2 Hurling matches live at 2 & 4

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Sounds familiar. I think I may have picked up on that before… Read it somewhere or another.

And rightly so. Get off down to Parnell and ignore the footballers for a week. It’s a mickey mouse game for them anyway.:slight_smile:


That is where I will be indeed!

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Since we lost to Kerry … whom incidentally we got revenge on yesterday by beating them

KERRY 0-11

we have won 11 straight games. If we close out the League and Leinster we would be looking at 17 wins on the trot which would surpass the best winning run of the previous record which had 16 wins.

Either way that Kerry blip aside, today we are looking at one defeat in 48 games. Outstanding …


When was our last league game in Salthill? I was in the old ground - an awful kip- in 91 for what was our first competitive game I think since Meath beat us in the 4 game horror show- Keith Barr goal in the last minute won it. Funnily enough it did not make up for the Meath defeat.


We drew there in Round 7 in 2011 - 15 to 2-09 - Alan Brigan goaled in the third minute and saw red in the seventh!!

One big factor in Galway’s advantage is Pearse Stadium, it is quite possibly the worst intercounty pitch out there. When there is plenty of rain, which in Galway there always is, it holds water badly and then there is that mad wind that blows from goal to goal even on the balmiest of days. A lot of Galway lads around were I am looking forward to this as they see it as giving them a good idea of where they are at. The Galway lads won’t lack confidence and after so many years playing blanket defences in Div 2 they will be patient when they need to be and look to counter quickly with plenty of direct ball.

Would expect this to be Dublins biggest challenge in the league especially with all you pointed out in regards to pitch. Galway have been impressive thus far and are on form in the league. Should be good game if weather holds.

whats the consensus for this weekend, i hope its a great game of football weather permitting of course. Is there a decent contingent travelling down for the game, would be a great way to round off Paddys weekend with a Dublin win and a pre-cursor for the league final.

I can’t see us being touched in this game. Galway have not played anyone of merit this year so far. They will not have dealt with any team with the intensity of this Dublin team. They have beaten lacklustre Kerry and Mayo.
This certainly won’t be walking through the middle of the D like they did against kerry.

Galway have that worrisome factor that I don’t like in opposition teams, good footballers. I don’t know if they can put it all together correctly, or if their conditioning is correct, but they are a threat.

I think they possibly are the team that have the most amount of players that Gavin would look at if there was a transfer market. That full back, especially, is superb. Walsh at 11 over does it a bit, but he is one of the best in the country. The two midfielders are handy. And there are a few more that are athletic and have a good skill set. I am not sure about their system, but it will be very interesting to see. I hope to God TG4 carry it.

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Heading down to this game and really looking forward to it. Will be interesting to see who picks up Comer he is a horse of a man and playing well. Will give us more bother than Donkey. I agree I can’t see Galway beating us by any means but should make for great entertainment. I want to come out of the stadium and have plenty of footballing talking points.

If Galway continue in their current style I see a Dublin win of 5-7 points. I see this as quite probable since, as Galway have nothing to lose, it will be a very close and entertaining game.

I think Galway will be a good test. They are the next best team out there. Solid midfield and good forwards. Dodgy enough at the back though. I wonder will Gavin rotate a bit.

Had a peek at the Galway forum. Disappointingly pedestrian. No mad hatters there like revelino or Kerry s Mick Mack or our own Dub09.