2018 NFL: Round 6 - Galway v Dublin, Sunday March 18th, Pearse Stadium, 2pm

What about the hurling thread ?

Did nt bother

heading down as well but staying out in Uachtar Ard sat night and driving in sunday morning. Whats the story with parking? will ressers be concerned if diarmo doesnt clock up some minutes here?

Rumours around but always feel it’s fairer to all involved not to add to the jungle drums

The rumour mill has been in overdrive for weeks now.

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Parking and even getting to Pearse Stadium can be terrible. I would leave plenty of time. Are you heading back to Dublin after or out to Uachtar Ard again?

If you get there early enough to get parking near the ground, stick around Salthill after the match, grab a bite to eat, maybe go for a walk beside the sea, if it’s not bucketin’ down. Not much point heading home straight away, as you’ll just be sitting in traffic for an hour.

yeah heading back to Dublin after so wont be able to go for a pint. i’ll probably take your advice and get something to eat before driving cos i’ll probably be hanging from the night before. Uachtar is a wild little spot on a regular weekend so this one will be lively.

Is this on TG4 as the thread title says? TG4 schedule currently saying they are showing the hurling QFs

They have been advertising the hurling. Looks like our game is not on.

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Balls , was due to go but plans have changed.

Where are ye getting your info ?

Well, the view from afar: GAAGO claims that if it’s televised, it’s on GAAGO. The only matches GAAGO is showing on Sunday are the two hurling quarters and the relegation play-off. In fairness, it all promises to be somewhat more entertaining for the neutral. But I was looking forward to watching the legends hand out another mauling. The whingeing of the Wesht after 1983 is still ringing in my ears and it’s more irritating than tinnitus!


Would expect this weekend was meant to be football only. Snow couple of weeks back pushed everything out a week

TG4 showing hurling only on Sun unfortunately.

Is there any danger this game won’t go ahead?

No idea what it’s like in Galway but it’s rained pretty hard for two days here in Dublin with the threat of snow to come overnight on Saturday too.

Dubs by 6.

Anyone traveling down need a ticket? I’ll not be going to this one so the season ticket is going spare

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I’m going a bit spare at not being able to see this myself. At least your season ticket has a sporting chance!

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Sun is shining here: 13 Degrees. It’ll be grand.

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Thought Eir were showing it?

No they have the soccerball and the schools rugby according to their schedule