2018 NFL: Round 7 - Dublin v Monaghan, Sunday March 25th, Croke Park, 3pm (Deferred TG4)

You would almost forget we have a game on Sunday…

Could see the whole team changed in this game, (barring maybe comerford, Howard and basquel)
and rightly so give as many a run as possible.

Doubt there will be much of a crowd for either game (hurling/football) with a full round of adult fixtures going on throughout the day.

I will be going so if anybody needs a season ticket scanned I am more than willing to do so!

I actually really REALLY want to win this game to keep our new winning streak going. And I think we can do it even though we’ll be experimenting heavily. Monaghan have nothing to play for either - except to record an overdue win in Croker. But I reckon our panel members who get a runout will have more to prove and to play for than Monaghan’s.

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What’s it up to now ? 11 or 12 ?
Or are we counting the O’Byrne Cup loss :thinking:

Kilkenny & rock should be rested

Forward line should be

kevin mc
diarmo ( I wish, won’t happen ) otherwise Costello

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O’byrne wasn’t counted in our previous run. So, since losing the league final to Kerry, it’s six championship games and six league matches - therefore 12 and counting at the moment.

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So one loss in about 47 league and championship games


Jim Gavin. Genius.


I can’t go now so if anyone want a free ticket please pm and I’ll email it to you.
You’ll have to sit with the season ticket holders in the lower Cusack 305!

We could lose this game if we relax a bit. Monaghan have played well against us in some league games in the last few years.

What numbers are in the panel at the minute, anyone know?

McHugh appearing out of almost nowhere last weekend, Carthy the match previous, makes you appreciate these guys humming along in the background seeing little or no action. Some do a lot of heavy lifting for little actual game time.


I’d say it’s very dynamic - when gavin learnt flynn dc and Brogan weren’t available more got called up including mcHugh


I am surprised we haven’t seen a lot of Shane Carthy yet (Mearnóg), he had a really good O Byrne cup.

Mind you it was this corresponding match 3 years ago ( last game of league against Monaghan) that Fenton made his debut.


I wonder when we will see a team…

Tbf , MDMA has been excellent so far in the league . And Fenton is almost undropable at this stage .

They have been going well and definitely are our first choice pairing. But I’d like to see a few other players given some time. You never know if someone picks up an injury and we need cover.


Team not announced yet? Rumours must be true so.

What rumours?

Is Gavin going to pick himself?

You know what the rumours are.