2018 NFL: Round 7 - Dublin v Monaghan, Sunday March 25th, Croke Park, 3pm (Deferred TG4)

Gavin has opened up a Limerick competition for the panel - winner to captain the team. Rochey to select the winner???

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I hear Bastick is in for O’Sullivan.


I do indeed.

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What’s the story with Dermo? I’m hearing something about a selector

Yep, player / selector now :wink:

One of the best dummy teams i have seen Jim pick in a long time :joy::joy::grin::grin:

Maith thú @Dub09

I know it’s been said here before…but Monaghan are a great example to other counties with similar resources and population.

Their entire population couldn’t fill CP, but they’re in Div1 and fighting for the Anglo Celt.

A good manager, some very good players and no excuses.

Plus who doesn’t love Clones in July??


Monaghan absolutely shame Meath, Kildare, Laois etc.


Funny I thought of Meath as well.

I don’t know enough about Meath football to know why it’s in bad shape…other than what C O’R said about pruning the garden, which I assume is a reference to them neglecting their underage.

But I remember when they had a rivalry with Dublin.

Bankrolled by keepak. Kevin foley getting helicopters to bring him to training. Getting well fed with steaks while Dublin players were getting milk and biscuits after training . The fucks forget that so I m always happy to see their faces rubbed in the dirt .


Meath football never recovered after James McCarthy put yer man into row Z of the Hogan with a shoulder.

A beautiful moment.


My daddy said the same to me a few years ago…You must be rather old…what are are you?


Watched those old Maeath v Dublin games on TG4 gold. Cough cough.

Maing the panel and throwing shapes around Naven is about the height of the expectations.
We had that problem not so long ago.

Very apt :sunglasses:

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Meath have been comedy gold. There will never bé enough beatings they can get from évery team, a personal highlight was when they lost to Westmeath, even their Léinster ‘win’ against Louth is more of a humiliation to them than anything, and I was gutted when we didn’t push on a few years ago to beat them by 25 in the L Final when we otherwise annihilated them.


Always sickened me about '09 , apart from our mauling from Kerry , that after we beat Meath in Leinster & they made it all the way to the AI semi through the back door & progressed further than us that year . And of course our hammering to them in '10 . They really missed a beat after that .I think they had a good manager in Eamonn O’Brien back then & managed to ■■■■ things up “royally” and I think he walked away . They’ve been a shambles since , not that I’m complaining .
Wonder what ever happened to that Meath poster here , funnily enough I think his name was D’unbelievable or D’vinciple or something like that ?

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Dinvincible proved to be a bit vincible after I posted a witty post that included a photo of the Meath women’s team. Never posted much after that, I think I “crossed a line”. In my defence, well, I’m not in the slightest bit repentant. :grin:


There now our fluffer.