2018 NHL1B Round 2 - Dublin v Antrim: Pearse Park, Dunloy, Sunday, Feb 4, 2pm

Antrim gave Galway a much bigger scare then we managed v Offaly. but then Galway were fresh off the plane. Need a much improved performance. While Antrim are no great shakes these days they’re tough enough at home.

Will Pat stick with the same/similar team and give them a chance at redemption or will he use Saturday as an excuse to shake it up a bit? The problem being that there’s not a huge choice given the people we haven’t seen much of to date, at least there no fitzgibbon this week so some of the college lads ought to be fresher.

We need to secure a win or two. I’d be happy to stay in 1B for another season but relegation to 2A would be a disaster.

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We won’t get anything without upping the workrate a whack


Lose and it’s a relegation dogfight with Laois …

Christ. We’ve a long way to go before we lift Liam in 2019.

That’s the last thing we need! Should that come to pass we will be low on confidence entering that game! Think we will win on Sunday.

I’d say giving Mr Rushe the bumps for his birthday will be the nearest our lads will get to lifting Liam this year …


It’s a 3 year plan. So it’s 2020. :grinning:

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In January 1996, Wexford hurling was at a very, VERY low ebb.


I’m not crazy, I said 2019

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Put out the same team as last Sat and chances are we will lose up there. Our fitness, sharpness and general hurling last Sat is not good enough to beat any team in 1A or 1B.

That Offaly team will be well beaten by Galway and Limerick. Yet they put 2-25 on us. With injuries, Cuala players missing etc think we are in real danger here.

Dunloy is a great place.

Lads this game is now fixed for Belfast Corrigan park


We need to win this one. Galway and Limerick will be difficult no matter what 15 we put out! If we lose Sunday it will give Laois hope in the final game!

Team selection will be interesting, hopefully a few more regulars involved then the last time.

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Need more experience in most lines. Half back (Crummey) and Midfield (McCaffery) the only ones to start last Saturday. That’s to much inexperience in my opinion. Getting balance is key when selecting teams.

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McCaffrey, now there’s a thing. Why does he have to take every sideline??? I think we slow the game down to nothing with that craic!!! Surely someone else can take a damn sideline :thinking:


True enough! And he does not always cut them well. Hedgo went out to take one immediately after he got a knock on his hand and realised he couldn’t grip the hurl! Had to let someone else take it. Super sideline cut by Offaly lad earlier in the game! Really should look at awarding 2points for scores from line cuts.


Id be hugely in favour of that. Imagine being a point down in the last min and sticking one of them over! The place would erupt. You would have kids up and down the country practising it. A sideline over the bar is a real gem in our sport, a sight to behold. It epitomises the skilful nature of the game.