2018 NHL1B Round 3 - Dublin v Limerick: Gaelic Grounds, Limerick, Sat 17 Feb

Soi Offaly hammered us, limerick hammered offaly … luckily things don’t always pan out in linear form lines at this time of year.

Massive ask for Dublin to win this especially down there! Realistically it will be about the performance and effort. If we live with them for 60 mins and don’t get hammered I think considering where both sides are at with development we would have to be reasonabley happy with that! But look there is always a chance we could turn them over. But would need an A game from almost all our lads.

Looking forward to this. Like tayto said results at this time of the year take on no pattern. All we have to do is go back 12 months to see that. Who could have seen out performance away to cork after we were tattooed by Tipperary in corker just previous to it.

Less pressure on the lads in this game as opposed to last week which was a must win. Get an improved performance for a start. Could see rushe start this in the forwards?

Interesting point about Rushe. He could very well start up front. Our defence was doing well when he came on for Paul Ryan who was possibly running out of gas. I wonder would he replace Whitley at 11? If it didn’t work out he could always be moved back to his normal area.

Have we not already tried this numerous times?

As I always say … if at first you don’t succeed … then give up. No use being a damn fool about it!

Or as Homer says, you tried your best, and you failed miserably. The lesson is: never try.


I thought Rushe looked fitter and trimmer than the last few years, I can see a half back line of Barrett, Crummey and Sean Moran come the summer. I’d play Rushe at 14 - with Dillon and Ryan or Mark Schutte (if he comes back) as corner forwards.

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I agree we tried him before. But in fairness that was in a system that used a short puck out and maybe 5 more passes before the ball reached the 40. IMO if we play Rushe there then it would be wiser to play high long ball into him. With some of the more experienced like Keaney Danny Cronin and Ryan playing around him it could work!

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I agree, I think that could be the half back line. Rushe did look a bit more mobile I thought too. Rushe should be a good forward, he just has a complete inability to turn in a timely way. I thought he was a bit better at this on Sunday, but he wasn’t really on for long enough.

I know it was tried before and really did not work - it made a seriously good hurler look less then average. But I think it is purely down to the turning thing, if he could sort that out, he could be good there. A Rushe in the forwards, who can hurl like he can in the backs, would be some boost to the forward line.

We need a commanding full back too, but that is about the only position in the backs I would worry about really.


Perhaps midfield? Facing the ball on opposition puck out would make them think twice about dropping it anywhere between the two 40’s. When ball ends up in mid 3rd and there is a scrape for ball he would be strong going into the mix.

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I’d have no problem with Rushe at MF. Put him there with someone like McMorrow/Connolly and you could have a good partnership.
Looking forward to going to this game. I missed the Antrim game but seemed to be a lot more positive feedback than the Offaly match. All we can ask at this stage of Gilroy’s management is that we continue on an upward curve. I’ll, of course, travel down with the hope of winning, but a solid performance is vital. Win or lose.


Surprising lack of build up to this game on here. Are all quiet because we’re fearing the worst ?

Will there be many changes from the Antrim game ?

I’d try and have R McBride involved in some capacity , he’s a strong ball winner and appears to be going well for DCU at the moment.

Hoping that Crummey continues to grow as a leader this is his first big game as captain.

It’s not till next week!

Ahhh, that explains it so.

trying to keep on top of everything Dublin GAA is proving difficult since moving to Hong Kong

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I hear you. Hong king. Wow. How’s that going?

My team for Sunday based on first two rounds and who I think is available


O Donnell
O Carroll

McBride (or Connolly)



Burke (Rian McBride if fit)

So I’m not innovating hugely there as it is based a lot on the last time out. But I don’t know how O Sullivan is, or how Joey Boland is going… Maybe Rushe could go to half back and one of those lads to midfield, but I am thinking if he is in MF he can go and contest our own puck outs on the half forward line.

We need McMorrow on the field, if not least to be a free man for our puckouts, he is the one guy you can give the ball to in a crowd. But there are a few potential midfielders there Connolly / McBride / McCaffery / Boland and they can go into other positions if needed.

I don’t like having the two young lads in the forwards together (Burke and Whitely), I think in a physical game we can only afford one of them. The forwards have to be creating turnovers and stopping their backs coming out. I also think this will be close enough and Ryan will get us three or four scores more from frees, that others won’t. And he can get goals. Dillon needs space on the wing too, he was lost at ff last week.

I am not mad about the forwards I have picked, I reckon we need a bit more in there, to get scores and to win ball. But it’s not too bad. We need Colm Cronin really badly to get in there.

We can absolutely win this…


I can Feel the positivity in that post! Hope it rubs off on the players! Would have McBride start ahead of Connolly at 7. Tomas seems a bit loose in his marking while in midfield anyway. To risky to have in half back line. No real evidence to back this up other than what I’ve seen in about 3 games this year. The fact Limerick are also missing a few club ties lads like ourselves sets this up as an opportunity to catch them on the hop! Massive 2 points if we manage to get them!

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Will Limerick play shane Dowling to get him match fit for final vs Cuala??


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I think it is a wee bit crazy that there is over a month to the final and that the players involved won’t play any county in between. Between December and March 17th these guys will play only one game - it is probably the quietest spell they will ever have - so much so that the clubs are always hunting down challenge matches to play.

There is a whole heap of focus on the amount of games guys play, because they are visible - but generally playing games is easier and more fun then training. Yet guys can flog themselves around a pitch four nights a week and it isn’t an issue. For me the issue isn’t the amount of games at all, it is the ratio of training to games. There is no huge difference between a guy training four nights a week and playing at the weekend to playing twice a week and training twice a week.