2018 NHL1B Round 4 - Dublin v Galway: Parnell Park, Sun 25 Feb 14:00

Need to put out our strongest 15 to have any chance here, and even then we’re probably looking for Galway to be off colour to have a chance. We do have a good record in Parnell park over the years so you’d hope we’ll give this a proper lash.


Are players not missing due to the Fitzgibbon or will they be thrown in to play the two games?

Off colour? We’d need them to be off their heads on gange.


Dublin 7/1 … Galway 1/14 … Spread is 9 … only one bet there …

If he picks the right team and puts players incorrect positions I would expect a response from players at home in Parnell. Dublin to beat the spread

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Forgot about the fitzgibbon shaped spanner in the works.

Only O Donnell will be a real loss, for the others it will be good to look at alternatives I think.

Being realistic I’d be happy if we show a lot more urgency than last week and make Galway work their socks off for a narrow win! By narrow I would suggest 7 or 8 points! Of course a Dublin win would be perfect! :grinning:

I agree, a bit of intensity and keep it close would probably be good enough. If they could replicate the first 50 minutes of the Walsh cup game against Wexford and keep it going for the whole game it would be good.


My team, based on who seems to be available, would be as follows


Kelly (Darren)
O Carroll

Connolly (or McCaffery)




As I say, that is who I think is available based on the current team selections.


We need to bear in mind when assessing our performance on Sunday just where we are on the bar entering this game! In a scale of one to ten I would suggest we are probably about a 3 right now. So a 5 would be a decent return. Galway as all Ireland champions are obviously capable of a ten but right now are nearer 7. So beating them would probably be to much for us right now! I think we need to take all this into consideration before we judge our lads come next Sunday evening!

That’s not a bad looking team. But would worry a bit about O Carroll and Kelly. Might get ripped a new arse if Galway forwards show up in the mood to hurl. But not sure who should replace/available to come in for them.

I would worry a lot about them, but like you I can’t think of alternatives from what seems to be available at the moment.


Last paragraph is key. That middle third is destroying us. It’s true enough in relation to goals, as bad as things are, we are not conceding goals.

Not sure about where Shane Durkin is at it right now. But he could fill in at corner back if available. He would bring bags of experience to the table and it would be a good test for him.

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Hendricon in the corner?

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Forgot about him! Played well enough in Walsh Cup.

That FB probably would be tore asunder to be honest. We’re getting cleaned out in the middle third, ff line not showing for the ball nor is the delivery what it needs to be. Our forwards don’t stop the opposition coming out with the ball. Realistically wed prob have a half back line that can compete with most forwards on their day if it’s picked right. That only leaves GK, decent shot stopper but our puckouts aren’t working as well as they should. Jesus that’s grim to even write.

Long story short. Our first 15 needs to change dramtically. I’d start rushe and joey Boland if available, bring Dillon and winters back in too


That’s actually a decent team but can’t see Crummy being moved.

WiFi already has them in that team listed above! But not sure which Boland he had in mind! Suspect it’s Cian judging by where he has him selected!

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