2018 Rule Changes

Is there any other playing rule changes for the coming season other than the kickout having to pass the 20m line?

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No passes back to your goalkeeper in injury time.
No GPS’s to be worn in injury time.

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Yes as far as I know. By the way, for clarification, if a defending player takes possession of the ball from a kick out inside the 20m line, the sanction is a throw up on the 20m line at the centre of the scoring space, if an attacking player takes possession inside the 20m line, the sanction is a free kick from where the foul occurred.

I thought attacking players can collect inside the 20m as longs as the ball has travelled 13m?

so keep kicking it short to waste time - defender cant touch it - attacker cant touch it

No. Neither defender or attacker can now take possession inside the 20m line from a kick out

So what happens if the ball does not travel beyond the 20m line from kickout? Players can’t touch it - who can? Is there a specific sanction for this? Does the ball simply go dead when it stops moving - does play continue with everyone staring longingly at it?

Unfortunately, this is incorrect!!!

The ball shall travel not less than 13 metres and outside the 20 metre line before being played by another player on the defending team.

The penalty for breach is: Cancel kick-out and Throw-in the ball on defenders’ 20 metre line in front of the scoring space.

All other rules relating to the kickout are unchanged - therefore all players (defending and attacking) should be 13m from the ball and outside the 20m line when a kickout is taken.

An attacking player is permitted, though, to play the ball inside the 20m line, provided, of course, that he was outside the 20m line and 13m from the ball when it was kicked.

The keeper may also kick the ball a second time but may not take it to hand.


Apologies and hands up if I am incorrect, but I looked for clarification on this and that was the answer I received!!!

It seems that you asked the wrong person!!! :wink:

No apologies needed. My comments above are the actual rules (From Jan 1st) associated with the kick out.

Unlimited subs is grand for giving players a run but it takes away from the Black card. Has this been overlooked by the Leinster Rule makers.

Still only permitted 3 subs for black card infractions.